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  1. Transaction done , Some mod can close this topic . Or let it die . xD
  2. I am interest on trading paypal for paysafe , nothing special only 1 paysafecard at the moment , My skype : white_attack .
  3. Kai gia auto to logo oloi na xrisimopihte malwarebytes ... Otan ola ta antimalware/antivirus koimounte , i malware douleuei ... :P Kata tin gnomi mou einai to kalutero programa pou exei vgei gia prostasia tou pc .. Java DriveBy / Angler Exploit Kit , Kai oti allo kanei web packet manipulation , i malware ta vriskei . Giauto na exete panta to web protection on .
  4. Be carefull of new users with low posts . For example this user with 1 post offers this deal and using only paypal . I would never go thru a transaction with him . Just becarefull and avoid beeing scammed .
  5. Thanks for your good feedback , I do my best to keep my customers satisfied and everything to run smoothly.
  6. 1 posts , and he is trusted seller , lawl!!! . And the feedbackers are all with 1 posts .. Very trusted in my opinion , another scammer.
  7. CHECK OUR STOCK! STOCK AVAILABLE 3/12/2015 :::: 50kkk(50billion) STOCK AVAILABLE 2/12/2015 :::: 110kkk(110billion) STOCK AVAILABLE 1/12/2015 :::: 92kkk(92billion) STOCK AVAILABLE 30/11/2015 :::: 80kkk(80billion) STOCK AVAILABLE 29/11/2015 :::: 101kkk(101billion) STOCK AVAILABLE 28/11/2015 :::: 85kkk(85billion) STOCK AVAILABLE 27/11/2015 :::: 57kkk(57billion) STOCK AVAILABLE 26/11/2015 :::: 29kkk(29billion) WTS ADENA ON LINEAGE2 RAVAGE H5 X20 - ( PRICES UPDATED Already sold more than 900 Billions ) Lets see What i am offering : 1 Billion = 0.6 Euro | Accepting Paysafecard,UKash,Neteller,Skrill,Paypal Some informations about payments processes. Neteller : We accept neteller, its easy and fast payment process. Skrill: We accept skrill, its simular with neteller and it is easy and fast payment process. Paysafecard : About paysafecards , You can find them easily and buy from the most of countries , its easy to use and most important its prepaid . HOW THE DEAL GOES? 1) You send the money via the above payment process. 2) After i verify the payment(instantly over skype or email) I will ask you about your player name ingame example "test1". 3) I will send via ingame mail the amount of adena that you bought to player "test1". Skype : white_attack Usually with every order i give a gift, but that depends on the person who i am dealing with and the payment sum. Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/L2RavageAdena Website : http://l2adenas.tk *** We sell over 25Billions each day *** SATISFIED CUSTOMERS
  8. we have ddos protect about lag its java error and we are working right now on it!
  9. Reunion x3000 PvP Server Features WEBSITE The server has successfully launched 8/1/15 21:00 GMT +2 Main Town GIRAN Shopping Area Flying Insland Buff Slots : 60 Custom Bosses Olympiad 100% Retail like DualBox allowed 100% Retail like gameplay without any variable custom items , only the typicals. Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes Active and experienced development/GMteam! No corruptions! Not used accounts will be deleted after 2 months NO LAG!!! 100% Uptime Max Subclasses = 5 Max Subclass level = 80 All active/passive augments are fully working! (Only 1 ACTIVE and 1 PASSIVE) All flood protections New PvP Protection System added. New Auto System for checking every time when player logged in and dedect the bug stuck or any another bug/problem with your char. New Siege System added automatically. New Zones System Olympiad Battles time - from 18 :00 to 00 :00 (GMT+2). Olympiad Period - 1 week. New Olympiad feed protection added. New heroes appears on every 7 Days {(Saturday 12:00 AM (GMT+2)}. Custom Start Location Custom areas-farm zones which inside u can get x1 pvp items - farm items Teleport Protection Flagged players can't teleport creating more pvp action. PvP Assist system for all support class. Clan Leader With Clan Lvl 8 Has Color Title PVP Color's on Title/Name *(Name by PvP , Title By PK)* - Protected against third party software aka LameGuard - Hosted on a DDoS protected network over 500 GBPS Connection. - Private source files in Java platform but turned on official. Exp : 3000x SP : 3000X Karma : x5 Safe Enchant : +4 Max Enchant : +16 Weapons, Armors, Jewels Enchant with Normal Scrolls up to (Weapons-Armor-Jewels) : +16 70% Enchant with Blessed Scrolls up to (Weapons-Armor-Jewels) : +16 75% Enchant with Crystall Scrolls up to (Weapons-Armor-Jewels) : +16 90% -Top Life Stones Rate : 15 % -High Life Stones Rate : 10 % [FARM] [DROPS OF MOBS] [sAFE ZONE] Drops : 10 Reunion Silver Coin , 1 GB [MOBS ARE FOR FARM 1 ZONE] Drops : 15 Reunion Silver Coin, 5 Reunion Gold Coin, 2 GB, [MOBS ARE FOR FARM 2 ZONE] Drops : 10 Reunion Gold Coin, 2 GB, [CUSTOM BOSSES PARTY ZONE] Notice : For going to this area you need at least 5 members into your party. DROPS : 35 LS TOP [100%] , 1 Zombie Shield [75%] , 150 GB [100%] , HOURS RESPAWN : 5 -/+ DROPS : 40 LS TOP [100%] , 1 Zombie Shield [75%] , 150 GB [100%] , HOURS RESPAWN : 6 -/+ DROPS : 1 Tattoo [100%] , 60 LS TOP [100%] , HOURS RESPAWN : 12 -/+ Top Pvp Top PK Castle Lord Heroes RaidBosses TVT/CTF/DM/SERVER WAR ( Unique Event - Only Our Project can use it) etc... New Map Spawned in the world. Gatekeeper Raid Boss Manager Main Shop Buffer Skill Enchanter Top Manager Siege Informer Clan Manager Class Manager Hero Donate Manager Augment Manager SubClass Manager Sympol Maker Wedding Manager [Voiced Commands] .online .cl (teleports you to your Clan Leader ) .deposit .withdraw .info .pvpinfo (target)