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  1. http://www.lineageaquila.com/#home pride like g3 is opening in 10 minute !!!
  2. kas23

    [L2J] L2Vox

    Nice features.. i will check this server out..
  3. kas23


    kai otan ekana host tou edwsa pass mpike k pire auta p h8ele,
  4. kas23


    kalhspera mages 8a h8ela na rotisw pws mporo na kanw ena donate px enw exw mesa kapia lefta sto paysafe account mou dld na metaferw ta lefta p exw idi sto mypaysafe se ena allo paysafe account
  5. sorry you are right. It is tested from anyone?
  6. Για Μνημη Ποτε σου μην παρεις μεγαλη μνημη οπως αυτη που εχεις στο μυαλο σου! Σκεψου το εξης... 1600 MHZ για 8GB :/ Θα μπορουσες να εχεις 2χ4 ή 4χ2 στα 1600 MHZ na rotisw kati . pia h diafora tis 8gb 1600mhz me tis 2x4 1600 mhz
  7. kas23


    i like this server . plz go online soon xD
  8. mages ti gnomi exete gia ta bull terrier ama exei kapios na mas pi (sorry gia to off topic)