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Integration of Payment Systems for your projects

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Hello MXCguys
I provide services for the integration of payment systems for your l2j, PTS or etc. projects
web engines (Laravel, Vue js , L2scripts, Ghtweb, Stressweb, L2-dev, Mmoweb, Sphereweb, wordpress etc.) as well as for any self-written php engines

Contacts for communication:
Telegram: t.me/tervin
Email: kenrix@mail.ru


List of payment processors for your donation page:

Paypal, Primepayments, Freekassa, Interkassa, Enot, Qiwi, BTC PAY, Binance and many many others



mmo-dev.info_9.png.e28bbe8bb029a1562683ed30311e31da.png Screenshot_3.jpg.ba5fdb429a6564cad7f08eee81c34a33.jpg Screenshot_2.jpg.74a88a7c67895988711a5e8a14e1bc9f.jpg

bitcoin.png.25df80d15ac74784754fbccafc4a5c9a.pnglitecoin.png.e756d41b96ef07cc95862db638957e0b.png     qiwi.png.bb21c3a143d47f617a831e1886bce7b5.png       pngwing_com.png.b89ecd87726e7393f81653f595d738f3.png        dark_logo.png.a00ac346f3d2ecce3eed5403f976a9a1.png          enot.thumb.png.2e3ca88a413a7b4fd59aef7a2d35f91f.png   btcpay-trimmed.png.070d9d88a8ff6e4df2a53d493510fd7b.png

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