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  1. 1. How popular is the achievement system among players?

    • Very popular. Players tries to rich all achievements.
    • Popular. Players like this but not fanatical.
    • Not popular. Players are neutral towards her.
    • Pointless. Don't wasting your time for this crap.

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Hello, folk. I want to try exploit your imagine for making better my achievement system. What i have at this moment and what i need from you. Implemented achievement system as listener of many actions (at this moment i use around 50 personal conditions). Implemented reward system via Mail service. All conditions saves and all new achievements will rewarding by existing states of conditions (aka reward if all conditions already was completed before addition new achievement).


What i need from you:


  • What the types of achievements you could be suggested for sorting this all to separated groups. Something like: GENERAL, EPIC, SOCIAL, ETC?
  • What the unique conditions (funny conditions are welcome) you could be suggested for achievement?


Please specify all your conditions/types in one post.


Thanks in advance.

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Achievements = more free stuff for players.


5% of players will look at achievements, others will just randomly get them and have no clue what happened.


Good feature, just make it automated, don't expect players to go to npc for them.

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I guess the answer is relative to the reward associate to it. From a game design standpoint not all achievement should reward the play with an item.

Achievement should be considered side content and not part of the main pillars of the progression system. There should be some "hard to get" achievements that might lead to an item reward or a skill but the majority should be non-reward achievements that just prove how much better you are from other people. For example PvP count, consecutive days logged in or monsters killed are all nice "statistic" achievement metrics but there should be other things too like "Player was logged in on the first day of the server launch" or "Player was part of beta" or even "Server first: Valakas Kill". It's about bragging rights, not item progression.

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TESO got a decent Achievement system, you should maybe check it.


It goes from collectables, to end one serie of quests, to finish a region, to kill monsters/bosses, defeat a dungeon... And even "funny" ones.


Achievements unblock dye to set on your character armor, aswell as titles. Which is in same time pointless and fashion.


Basically, an Achievement system shouldn't reward a monetary currency. At least, that's not what TESO did.



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