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WTS Chaos Interlude Classic Interface For Owners Reworked

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Chaos Interface Ultimate Edition for Server Owners  Contains some automated features by administrators requested version is still Clean for others   Interface is used already on many projects and works smoothly   Join the Discord Community: Chaos Interface Public Discord    The Price of Interface is 150Eur Updates free for ever!   Contacts:   Skype: celestine.mxc Di

Thanks guys for your support i really appreciate it some news about H5 Admins we gonna develop h5 version for server owners with a lot of new features theres no ETA yet but we gonna focus on it aswell it gonna be based on Essence Version we will try make it as much as possible same as essence with Auto Farm etc also we wont stop developing interlude version there will be many new updates & new features thanks everyone who still supports us :) 

Back to Bussines Discord Link: https://discord.gg/mBtY8RV Fixed Reported Issues improved Interface Textures Added from higher chronicles new features Added Craft Helper (Faster Crafting) Inventory Search H5 Like Improved Damage on Screen (Added Succesful , Spoiled , Failed) Added Version for Players with Auto Augment Auto Enchant etc Added Protection for Customers Added Party Control ( Invite 9 Members on Party Press Save & Load if a member gets Kicked or Dissconec

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Bump Update


Interface now supports Radio Available only for SmartGuard

Interface now has it's own AntiLag Patch Increasing FPS
Customers can download it from Customers Section for free.


Future Changes


We gonna rework the interface into Essence Style for Interlude theres no ETA yet but will be announced later.

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Oh my god 😄❤️ Such an amazingly fun person to work with, super good development of UI, totally professional approach, very patient with ALL the questions that I had, offered extra help that I hadn't even thought. 

If you want to consider yourself a server owner and you haven't worked with Celestine it's like you haven't worked with L2 Pros 😄 Totally recommended!

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