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Lineage 2 Vehiron

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Hello everyone. I'm the administrator of L2Vehiron and i'm here to show you our server.

As you saw already from the title, our server is L2J based. We are  using the latest version of the known Pride pack, but we have changed a lot of things that you will be able to explore as we move further.

First of all, our server is fully customized with custom EXP rate. The pack has been changed in order to resurrect your will to play. Also, keep in mind that the project is still under development, things come and go. Enough talking, lets continue to more interesting stuff.


Grand Opening Date : Not announced.



Useful Links

Website | Discord | Facebook | Contact us | Youtube 


Our most recent Youtube videos :

Vehiron Weapon Effect | Bug Report NPC | Boss Path | Forge of the Gods Preview | Armor Showcase | Teaser Video | Promo Video



Client : Gracia Final.
Rates : [Adena : custom] , [EXP : 9000x] , [SP : 3000x].
Enchant Rates : Depend on weapon, armor and scroll.
Safe Enchant : Depend on weapon, armor and scroll.
Max Enchant : +25.
NPC : Fully customized Buffer, GM shop, PvP Merchant, Event Merchant, Blacksmith and more.
Max. Level : 95.
Auto Event Engine.
Sieges every weekend.





Fully working Community Board.

Fully reworked Wedding system.

Drop list by shift+click on the mob.

Heroes every 2 weeks.
Offline shop mode.
Auto learn skills.

Survey System
Auto pick-up.

Report NPC





L2 Vehiron is based on L2Pride source. Our team has changed and reworked most features including Farm zones, NPCs, Community board and most importantly, balance between classes. In particular, we have created new skills for weak classes like Shillien Saint and Tyrant. We have also changed their base stats like CON, DEX and INT. Finishing,we have changed the external appearance of most armors and weapons. Our key to success is the continuous development and the support of the players. You can find more information below.






An item that offers basic functions such as,

~ Custom Gatekeeper.

~ GM Shop.

~ Advanced Character Stats.

~ Symbol Maker.

 ~ Augmentation.

~ Password Changer.




We have re-created Vehiron's community board in order to accomplish one of the most important player's need, comfortness. More useful functions of those that Pride retail had, are now implemented.

->Equipment Viewer<- A home page preview can be found below. ->Top 25 Fame/PvP Ranking<-







Vehiron has 4 farm zones. The difficult range of the mobs differs on every zone. We have reworked the solo & party farm style so both options are worth.
The following farm zones are ordered according to their degree of difficulty.

- 1 -

Cave of Trials is a newbie farm zone. You can only access it if you are using S80 Grade items or/and below.
Variety of mobs can be found in there which in certain situations require athe party with a tank and healer.
Also, there are raid bosses and powerful APCs that drop a lot of different things like Superior Accessories, Vinyl Jewels and more.




- 2 -

Ruins of Despair is an mixed farm zone. The zone is based on anti-ks mob system. That means, if you attack a mob, no one can hit it unless he/she is in your party/clan.
You can access with any gear. Many Raidbosses such as Unspeakable Horror and Cruel rider spawn there.
Also, watch out for APCs like Imagio Mage, Soul bender and more!




- 3 -

Cemetary is a hard party farm zone. You can find few solo monsters around the area but most are made for parties. Every mob has its weakness. For example, Pus Boomer takes high damage from arrows. Oblivion deals massive AOE damage so killing it with ranged classes is preferred.
Raid bosses such as Decarbia and Palibati are located there. By walking around, you can also find many APCs such as Cemetary Looter and Pilgrim.




- 4 -

(NEW) Forge of the Gods  is the hardest farm zone. All of the mobs, APCs and raid bosses are resistant to every weapon except Vehiron, Epic, Dread and Unique weapons.
Their drop rate is higher than every other zone. Fully customized mobs are located there with new skills, appearance and weapons.
Many unique drops such as Cloaks, Agathions and Belts can only be dropped in there.
Strongest APCs of the server spawn in there. 







Custom events take place every 2 hours(might change).
 Winners and losers are rewarded with a number of event medals and normal medals.
Additional reward system has been implemented such as First blood reward, First score reward, Killing spree reward & more.
You can use event medals on our Event Merchant in order to buy Event Exclusive Items.





Current running events are


Team vs Team
As expected, the team with the most kills wins. Registered people are divided into 2 teams, usually Red  & Green.

Players are divided into 2 teams. In the middle of the map you can find  a tower. Your goal is to stay under the tower and earn points. Team with the most points, wins.
Players spawn on a random map and must kill as many other players as they can. Only 8 people with the highest kills will get a reward.
Castle Siege

Basically,its a representation of a normal siege. Players are divided into defenders and attackers. Attacker's goal is to pray and rule the castle. Defenders must hold it as long as they can. If the attacker's fail to pray in 15 minutes, then defenders will change to attackers. The event lasts for 30 minutes. Each side has 15 minutes to pray. This event is hosted manually.

Capture the Flag
Players are divided into 2 teams. Every team has its own flag located at their spawn. The goal is to steal the enemy's flag and return it to your own flag.


(NEW) Boss Fight


Players are divided into 2 teams. Each team has its own raid boss and they have to protect it. In order to win  the event, you have to either kill your enemies or deal damage to enemy's team raid boss. The team with the highest score wins. [Teams gain points every X damage to enemy Raid bosses or every character kill]





Instanced Zones are the game zones created separately for each party of players or a player who's entered the zone. It's impossible to meet any other party or player there.
The point of having instances is that they allow players to gear up quickly. That's why most of them are easy to do.

L2 Vehiron has 3 instances which differ in difficulty.

1) Kamaloka is the easiest instance. You follow a path protected from different mobs. At the end,you have to kill a Raid boss. It requires 3 people to join and you can go in there once a day.
2)DVC Instance is a medium difficulty instance. You have to follow a specific path full of mobs. At the end, you have to kill Darion. Requires 4-7 players to join and you can join every 3 days.
3)Aden instance is a depended difficulty instance. You are teleported into a different dimension and u are able to kill ANY raid boss you want, but only once. Requires 4-8 people to join, once every week.
4)2 More instances will be announced later.






On L2 Vehiron you can find more than 150 Raid Bosses. They are divided into level categories.
First, we have Level 85 Raid bosses. They have decent drops but reward you with a good amount of clan points and fame.
Level 91 is next. They have better drops than 85 level and they reward you with even more clan points and fame.
Raidbosses more than 91 level such as Verfa, Lilith, Anakim and more are fully customized with balanced stats and skills.
Their drops are almost the best on the server. Some of the items they drop are Unique weapons, Legacy Vehiron armor parts, Relic jewels and more.
Finally, we have the STRONGEST Raidboss located at the Cave of Fire. You can teleport there using the AIO cubic.
It drops the BEST items on the server such as Cloaks, Unique & Vehiron weapons, Relic and Vinyl Jewels.
On L2Vehiron, you will also find a unique Raidboss shout/flag. What it does is simple. Every time the raid boss reach a specific amount of HP(80%, 40%), a shout of with the name of boss will be shown on Global Chat. It will also flag every player at a radius of 2000. Forget about "Silent Killers". The main reason of this system is to keep the PVP at the highest level possible.
                Example of the shout : iY8Ahdn.png




L2 Vehiron has 5 types of  custom armors. Every armor is fully customizable.
List of the armors below.


Dynasty Armor

The cheapest and weakest custom armor. Can be bought from Advanced Merchant with silver and silver bars.
[Usually used for farming because you receive 15% reduced damage from monsters]




Vinyl Armor

Vinyl is a Tier 3 armor. Can be bought from Advanced Merchant with different materials.
Its usually used for PvP and Farm.




Vehiron Armor

Tier 4 armor. Can be  bought from Advanced Merchant with different materials.
One of the strongest armors. Made for PvP and Farm.
Adds skill Inner Fire*.




Legacy Vehiron

Tier 4 armor. In fact, its the same as normal Vehiron. The only difference is that each part 
adds specific stats. For example,boots add 2 run speed.
Cannot be bought from any shop. Dropped from mobs and raid bosses.
Can be equipped with normal Vehiron. Adds skill Inner Fire*.



Dread Armor

Tier 4.5 armor. The strongest armor of the server. You are not able to buy it yet or drop it from somewhere.
Untradable after equip. Adds skill Lex Talionis*.



L2 Vehiron has 6 standard weapon types. Please notice that there are more types of weapons
such as S epic, S80 PvP epic and more. Those weapons are obtainable from PvP merchant by using PvP tokens.
Those weapons are fully customizable and they are listed below.


Dynasty Weapons

Cheapest custom weapons. Can be bought from Advanced Shop or dropped from weak mobs at Cave of Trials.

They are strong newbie weapons. They are known for the damage they deal to monsters.



Icarus Weapons

Tier 2.5 Weapons. Can be bought from Advanced Shop or dropped from certain mobs.

Every weapon has a chance(depend on their enchant) to debuff your enemy.

For example, the bow has a chance to bluff your enemy.



Vinyl Weapons

Tier 3 Weapons. Can be bought from Advanced Shop or dropped from certain mobs.

Usually used for PvP. Not preferred for farm.




Vehiron Weapons

Tier 4 weapons. Can be bought from Advanced Shop or dropped from certain mobs.

Strong for farm and PvP. Adds true damage on every attack.

Adds active skill Sudden Flash*.




Unique Weapons

Can be bought from Advanced Shop or dropped from certain mobs.

Can be used for farm but they are stronger for PvP.

Every weapon has a chance(depend on their enchant) to debuff your enemy.

For example, Bow has a chance to Silence your enemy.




Dread Weapons

Tier 4.5 weapons. Cannot be bought from the shop yet.

Every weapon has a chance(depend on their enchant) to debuff your enemy.

For example, Bow has a chance to knockback your enemy. Also, Bow has a chance to cast Rigor Mortis* to yourself.




Explanation of Unknown Phrases or words : 

Sudden Flash : For 5 seconds, your attacks, whether it'd be physical or magical, normal swings or spells, will be guaranteed to crit.

Inner Fire : Instantly removes most debuffs on you.

Lex Talionis : For 5 seconds, you reflect all damages done to you back at 500% power.

Rigor Mortis : Greatly increases skills' reuse delay, attack and cast speed.






L2 Vehiron has 3 tier of jewels. They can all be bought from Advanced Shop or dropped from certain mobs and Raid bosses.

Please notice that there are more jewels that can be bought with PvP Tokens from the PvP Merchant.


[TIER 1]Dynasty Jewels

S80 Jewels that can be bought from Advanced Shop using Silver, Silver bars & Zircons.

Enchanting the set to 17 or above grants the owner a special bonus.

Each one of them adds a special stat.

e.g. Earring gives you 2 MEN.



[TIER 2]Vinyl Jewels

S84 Jewels that can be bought from Advanced Shop or dropped from Raid bosses.
When all jewels are +15 or higher, damage received is reduced by 50.
Each one of them grants you special stats.
e.g. Ring gives you 2 WIT & DEX.



[TIER 3]Relic Jewels

Legendary Jewels that can be bought from Advanced Shop or dropped from certain Raid bosses.
Every single one of them grants you bonus stats and effects.
e.g. Valakas' Tremor gives you water resistance, debuff resistance, INT/STR +1 and more.





L2 Vehiron has 2 tiers of accessories. Standard and Superior.

They are divided into 2 other categories, Face and Hair.

However, some of them can be worn on both categories.

They are offering unique stats for different play styles.

For example, if you are playing Aggressive Mage, then you should use

Magic Glasses, but if you are playing defensive, you should use Metal Eye Patch.


Standard accessories are cheap but they provide all the necessary stats that newbies need to start.

You can buy them from the Advanced Shop with Silver and Festival Adena.


http://i.imgur.com/TxYKZAn.png     Face                 |                 Hair    http://i.imgur.com/cnypWcZ.png



Superior accessories are the strongest accessories. Their stats are high, just like their price.

You can get them from the Advanced Shop or drop them from certain mobs.


http://i.imgur.com/ozoCInG.png    Face                 |                 Hair    http://i.imgur.com/SHm8s1P.png





Every cloak on L2 Vehiron has something unique and special to offer. They are divided into categories which are Mages, Fighters & Tanks.

Starting,we have Super hero Cloaks. You can get them by donating but they are also droppable from many Raid bosses.

The cloak you need depends on your class. For example, Tanks use Halcyon Cape because it increases your received healing power.

We also have Ancient Cloak which increases your P.def and can be dropped from many Raid bosses.

Continuing, we have added 3 new Hero Cloaks. Each Class category(Mage, Fighter, Tank) receives a special color and statistics Cloak. You can only take/wear them if you are Hero.

Finally, we have Vehiron aka Crimson Cape which increases your speed by 6 and can be obtained by capturing the Western Fortress.


http://i.imgur.com/JhQbbOD.png                            http://i.imgur.com/JOD4TZ6.png                            http://i.imgur.com/VHAX4gL.png





We couldn't let skills unchanged. So, most of them got reworked in many ways. Most of them are edited on the effects, other are edited on what they are used for.

Also, new skills are coming on the road. They are called Forbidden skills. They are really powerful skills but you cannot get them yet.

Every class can learn up to 2 Forbidden skills for now.

Last but not least, most toggle skills won't active because their effects are already automatically applied.

However, toggle skills with some form of penalty(ie Parry Stance) are left toggle-able by the player.

If you feel like you need more information regarding skils, read our guide.


PvP Skills,Transformations,Name & Title Colors


PvP Skills

You get them by reaching a specific amount of PvPs. Some of them are Aggressive(ie Focus), other are defensive (ie Blessed Soul).


Example of PvP Skills : http://i.imgur.com/N3Nuebh.png


Transformation Skills

Transformations are almost the same thing. You get them by reaching an amount of PvPs. Every Transformation has custom stats and skills.


Example of Heretic Transformation Skill :








Your name and title changes color when you reach a specific amount of PvPs. Every time you change a stage, you get a new PvP skill.

Additional information on the pictures below.





One of the most unique systems you have never seen before. By getting married on L2 Vehiron, you receive tons of advantages.

At first place, you can use the voice command [.gotolove] which teleports you to your current partner(Cannot be used when your partner is close to a Raidboss).

Secondly, once you are married to someone for more than 128 days, you will be able to trade your untradable items to each other.

The last and best thing is that the more you stay married to someone, the more and better skills you receive.

More information about the skills below.


http://i.imgur.com/5RHDltR.png Intimate Defense - Drastically increase your partner's P.Def and M.Def.

http://i.imgur.com/qa9G1a2.png Love & Range - Get angry because your partner is (almost) dead. Useable when your partner is within 600 range and < 25% HP.

http://i.imgur.com/MnRtVM0.png Honeymoon - Heal both you and your partner at the same time and apply a heal-over-time effect temporarily. Useable when your partner is within 50 range.

http://i.imgur.com/P8BClv6.png Rekindle - Raise your partner from death.

http://i.imgur.com/W3F2KGD.png Zombify - Turn your partner into a zombie for the lols.

http://i.imgur.com/XGfYSZs.png Nuptial Rush - Instantly rush to your partner's location. Usable range 900.




By pressing Shift & Click to a mob, APC, Raid boss or anything else than players, you can see their detailed stats, drops and descriptions.

More information on the picture below.





A huge thanks to Strain, Solomun, Big Man Bear, Erlandys, BruT, Ave and Evie Frye for their awesome services!



* Topic will be updated frequently. *






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