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[L2OFF] Lineage II Sin


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Hello dear players, it’s time to present to you the project we have been working on for a few months. This is a Private Interlude Server based on L2OFF files named L2Sin. The idea we followed in creating it was the use of many of the existing features and gameplay performance. The customs we have introduced are reduced to a new zone which contains Maine Town; Solo Zone and Party Zone. Unlike most servers where the focus is on enchanted items or epic jewels, here we have given greater importance to the classic methods of increasing the characters’s power.

The Grand Opening is planned for  January 2018

►Website: http://l2sin.com
►Forum: http://l2sin.com/forums/
►Features: http://l2sin.com/features/
►Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2sin

Playing on Lineage II Sin you will have different possibilities to reach your desired goals. Features like : Augmentation; Crafting; Fusion Skills; Quests: Party Farming;  Olympiad; Sieges are much more important here. Let me introduce you some of the changes:

Isle of Prayer:

The floating island is the place where your character is born, the place where your soul revives after a lost battle with an enemy or a monster, the place where you can trade, gear up; learn skills;  participate in the Olympiad or just talk to other players.

The reason of introducing this island is that it can be place for everything. We managed to implement Main Town; Solo Zone; Party Zone on it.


Gameplay Changes:

The goal we set for creating the project is to create a server where players will be forced playing in parties. Playing alone will be also possible but wont so efficiency. Doing this solo players will be able to get more fun from the game and organize new sides in the battles at the same time.


The most significant changes that we have made are farming and doing quests. The growth of one character goes through the following steps: Leveling; Third profession; Subclass; Noblesse; Fusion Skills learning and armor crafting in the end.

Players will be able to complete the vital quests without having to leave the farm zones and the opposite. Every monsters will be possible to give you a different drop depending on your choice so each one of the party will be able to farm for different things.

Unique Features:

On first sight you will think that there are a lot of custom here but I can assure you that everything is created with the idea and nothing is unnecessary. We are against adding customs only because we can do them. Playing here you will experience the smooth gameplay we’ve created. There is nothing to annoy you. The most important features for you are:

Quest system:

With our completely new quest NPC  -Grigor, you will be able to take all the quest you need for your in-game experience. Doing the quests you will achieve better rank in game and receive all the rewards you would need. Farming with our quest system allows you to get a different drop from same monsters depend of the quest you doing. Players/Friends will be able to farm different items or doing quests while killing same monsters in same spot. For example you can do your 3rd class change quest while your party members farm for their first Draconic Set.

Olympiad Bonuses:

There are many fans of the Grand Olympiad games and some of them are logging only to play. The matches can be very unequal depending on character’s class or items. After a long discussion we decided that epic jewels do the biggest difference. Fixing that we created a new jewels called “Sealed Epics”. They got the 1/2 of the status of retail ones and can be used only at Grand Olympiad games.  Players can obtain them by playing matches no matter if they win or lose.

Fusion Skills:

These unique skills are very powerful but rarely used by some classes. We boosted them so more classes can be useful in PvP now. Dont be so happy because learning them is not that easy.

Clan ranking with weekly winners & PvP reward system:

Playing Lineage II Sin will not leave you unnoticed. Whether you are a solo player or have a clan, you have the chance to become famous. Every week we will reward TOP clans and player based on our rank system.


Sincerely yours, Lineage II Sin staff.
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Exp 1-79: x25
Exp 79-80: x2
Adena: x5
Weapon Enchant: 65%+4 –> 35%+16
Armor Enchant   : 55% +4 –> 30%+8


Auto consume
Anti buff skill
Offline Shops
GM Shops
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Premium status


Buff slots: 20+4
De-buff slots: 4
Time Duration: 60 min
Scheme list
Premium buffs if players vote for the server.

Farm Setup

The farm system is Lineage II Sin is working together with the Quests. If you want to farm for something you have to take the right quest. Only adena and materials can be earned by drop. Doing this we let you farm together with your friends for different rewards while killing the same monsters.

  • Many options for solo players
  • The setup is aimed to group actions
  • Really strong monsters in Party Zone
  • Quest required for drop
  • Spoil enabled
  • Chaotic Monsters
    / They make you flagged when you attack them, but they die much easier /


Solo Zone:
  • Drop: Adena
  • Spoil: Enchants
  • Quests: Third Class; Noblesse; Soul Crystal; Custom Armor recipes
  • Raid Bosses: Ocean Flame Ashakiel; Daimon TheWhite-Eyed
Party Zone:
  • Drop: Adena; Materials; Weapons; Armors; Enchants
  • Spoil: Materials; Enchants; Life Stone
  • Quests: Noblesse; Soul Crystal
  • Chaotic Monsters
  • Raid Bosses: Varka’s Chief Horus; Ketra’s Chief Brakki




Third Class Quest:

Quest for 3rd class change requires to gather 10 Mystic Elixirs. They can be found killing the monsters in our Solo Zone. The Special Monsters got 100% chance for quest item.

Sub Class Quest:

The quest for Subclass is really shorten. It requires to kill Cabrio, Hallate, Kernon, Golkonda and you are done. The listed Raid Bosses are 78 level and modified drop.

Noblesse Quest:

Noblesse quest is completely changed but it’s not easier. Our custom quest is one part only but it includes 11 steps where players have to meet new NPCs, kill Monsters, kill Raid Bosses and gather special items. All this should be done in the Main Town; Solo & Party zone. The quest is really interesting and requires help from friends for some stages. The last part is killing the Flame of Splendor Barakiel.

Fusion Skills:

As you know, the Fusion Skills are changed to better in Lineage II Sin. In order to learn them you have to make a Quest. More details will be published later.

Soul Crystals Stage 13:

The special ability is a must for the weapons. Playing Lineage II Sin you will have 2 options to get them. The first option is to extra pay for the weapon and buy it SA. The price of Weapon S + SA is 4x more than Clean Weapon S. The second option is to do the quest for Stage 13 and use it.

The quest is divided on 2 parts. First part is doing the crystal. When you complete it you can pick Soul Crystal Stage 10 of your choice. The second part is to upgrade it from 10 to 13. After completing the 2nd part you can start it over without doing the 1st part again.

/NOTE: If you use Soul Crystal to add SA to your weapon, you can keep the current enchant level./

Sin Armor recipes:

Sin Armors are our custom armors. They are made for the strongest players in the server and that means that Quest can not be done by everyone. Depends of the Raid Boss you defeat you can pick a recipe of your choice or get a random one. This quest will NOT be available at the Grand Opening.



Olympiad period 7 Days
Olympiad times: 20:00 to 22:00 GMT+0
No item restrictions

In order to motivate players to play oly we will reward them for every match (no matter if win or lose) an “Olympiad Medals”

Olympiad Medals can be used both with Gate Passes for:

  • Fusion Skills Books
  • Ancient Books
  • Enchants
  • Potions / Consumables
  • Recipes
  • Sealed Epics:

Sealed Valakas – Gray icon of Valakas and 1/2 Status of Valakas
Sealed Tezza – Gray icon of Tezza and 1/2 Status of Tezza
Sealed Antharas – Gray icon of Antharas and 1/2 Status of Antharas
Sealed Zaken – Gray icon of Zaken and 1/2 Status of Zaken
Sealed Baium – Gray icon of Baium and 1/2 Status of Baium
Sealed AQ – Gray icon of AQ and 1/2 Status of AQ

These items will give chance to solo players in the fight against the big clans at olympiad and will keep the importance of the retail items.
These items will be available at Olympiad shop. For example: every player will be able to buy Sealed Baium after 5 games.
Sealed Epics got 10 days .


Hero Circlet: + 10% P.Def
Hero Weapons: +10 S Grade weapons
Hero Weapons: Top SA


Sieges cycle: 2 weeks
Siege times: Saturday and Sunday at 18:00 GMT+0
Special rewards for winners
Clan points for the weekly ladder
Lord Crown: +10% P.Def
Castle circlet: +5% P.Def
Clan Points for
Special teleports for castle owners

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Hello guys,


          The server is really interesting and contains really cool new features. With new I dont mean new armor style or currency. The features we added are trying to change gaming environment to better. We have focused on the solo players this time hoping they will become groups and offers more sides in the pvp.


More info will be released soon.  Stay tuned, comment and suggest.  


Get more info, photos, live previews or beta tests:


►Website: http://l2sin.com
►Forum: http://l2sin.com/forums/
►Features: http://l2sin.com/features/
►Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2sin

►Discord: https://discord.gg/JFa2sAU

►Skype: nikolay_georgiev94


Do NOT hesitate to contact us. 

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Interesting features, I wish you the best of luck :)


Btw, do you intend to have any automated events? In your development services, you stated that you can code any type of event I am not seeing any on your features list.

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We dont want to use the default  automated TvT, CTF, DM events. We are trying to build something way more fair and interesting. More info will be released soon. Just stay tuned.


►Website: http://l2sin.com
►Forum: http://l2sin.com/forums/
►Features: http://l2sin.com/features/
►Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2sin

►Discord: https://discord.gg/JFa2sAU

►Skype: nikolay_georgiev94

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