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  1. bump this is promising server
  2. what about you start reading the features before trashtalking outta your stupid ass mouth bitch ass nigga fuck your bitch ass concept
  3. Keep on ruining this game. Back in the time those patches would be for the fps but now you're just ruining the game by making everything automatic. Good job
  4. Another java ass server with a shitty concept expected online: 5
  5. This says l2 off but is java ass server
  6. shitty ass server with stupid ass admin
  7. My apologizes it was Blackhive who fucked up not you.
  8. I was banned there for asking bots to get banned.
  9. h5 is shit chronicle no where close to be as good as interlude, is not l2 anymore, i cant be a hater you're just a random to me lol why are you posting in this topic u wont get a single interlude player to your shit ass high shi server
  10. Shut up dude none is interested in some bullshit chronicle such as h5 or freya or whatever the fuck you're gonna make
  11. Nobody gives a shit about that shitty h5 chronicle, get out of here
  12. Killed whole server with 1 archer pt + few cc damn...