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[Hiring] L2-Scripts Is Looking For New Team Members And Partners

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Dear professionals,


As 2017 started, we have a lot of new work coming.

We are capable of hiring new team members for constant payment or/and product based sales percentage.

Every position has it's own terms.


Global requirements:

1. Clear knowledge of English. Specially correct spelling and grammar.

2. Serious people only. We want to work ONLY with people who understand the meaning of 'serious', want to work and make money.

3. Ability to feedback and report. We're a team, sharing information, intends, absence or other information that may help the team to thrive is necessary.

4. Working hours. Although we understand that working from home is basically an open schedule, you must provide results for the team and help the team to success.

5. Background knowledge in each direction applied. We can't teach you from scratch, but we can help you and guide you through if you have the capable knowledge.

6. Honest team. We won't consider working with members who has or had bad reputation or scammed somebody in the past. We DO a background check.

7. Hierarchy. Our team consist from dozens of people worldwide. If you work under a certain team leader, you must be ready to comply with his local rules and policies. We don't work with people failing to follow simple rules.

8. Commitment. We aren't looking for short-term team members. Average team member years in l2-scripts freelance is 3 years or longer.

9. We want to know a bit about you. Be sure to supply us with sufficient information about yourself. We do not request any personal information except of the common one.


Position 1: Datapacker for L2J chronicles:

1. Chronicle knowledge C6, HF5, Classic 1.0-2.0, Underground-Helios.

2. Datapack structure knowledge. Adding, Editing, Understanding. L2F (phoenix or overworld structure).

3. Java knowledge is optional but beneficial.

4. This position is the high-user end. Mostly very easy tasks but time consuming.

5. This position is result oriented i.e. the schedule must be done in a specific time.

6. Good for part time job after school/work.


Position 2: PTS developer (Core or/and datapack):

1. Any experience working with chronicles from C4 to the upper chronicles is appreciated.

2. C++ programming and environment  is a must. Including IDA workspace, licensing systems, encryption and encryption services such as vmp3.

3. Knowledge related to PTS servers are appreciated, additional courses and integration help will be provided for suitable person.


Position 3: SGuard second developer(or non-l2 developer):

1. Position requires L2 client development knowledge, networking, C++, web codding (back and front ends).

2. Any background related to protection software.

3. Java knowledge is appreciated.

4. This position requires more than of the above and open many other opportunities and projects to be developed l2 and non-l2 related.


For those who look for fast money - it isn't for you. Almost all l2-scripts projects were founded without any financial outside help. We aside with our developers worked from 1 month to half a year creating a new affordable and quality products. I don't say somebody works for free at the beginning, we always have a paid work to provide yet the full fund capacity will follow after a full team contribution, trust and results.

We look for talented people, that can commit, work, developer and earn good money from it.


Each position terms and agreements are private and individual.




With the success of L2S-Guard, we started to work with partners across the world.

Currently we cooperate with:

1. L2jSunRise

2. aVVe designs and updaters.


Each partnership gives us the opportunity to benefit both developers and clients, giving away promotions, discounts and other sales when applicable.

If you're a developer or a team and want to benefit both your customers and yourself, let me know. We're open for good partnerships.


Contacts: live:sguard.soft


Thank you!

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Do you still run interlude? I remember finding it on your website long ago but no I checked and there wasn't an Interlude server pack.

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