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Mysteries Of Genesis [Under Construction]

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"In the beginning there was only Light and Void
Join the struggle for the fate of a world scarred with the graves of men and gods.
Choose from a diverse array of species and classes.
Quest, battle, raid, and maybe even save the world while you do.
Partake in adventures of all sorts, or choose your own path.
Join those brave few who have dared to discover the mysteries of Genesis in this new medieval third person MMORPG"


Twitter (Studios): https://twitter.com/BioCloudGames

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mysteries-of-Genesis-1264850446940876

Facebook (Studios): https://www.facebook.com/biocloudentertainment/


Some Fotos:

Infernal Race Preview: , http://imgur.com/a/8qs6J

World Preview: http://imgur.com/vD4DnTu

Trees Preview: http://imgur.com/e17BoKP , http://imgur.com/RDau9fW , http://imgur.com/sOiUI4O

UI Preview: http://imgur.com/e17BoKP , http://imgur.com/52rLkBn , http://imgur.com/ozYhaSB

Buildings Preview: http://imgur.com/zZe80RZ

Rocks Preview: http://imgur.com/HPJORbR

Some Concept Art: http://imgur.com/E0ZLHto , http://imgur.com/a/LoGrX

Human And Dryad Races Preview: http://imgur.com/a/eBADe


Races And Classes Info:

Every race has its own class. So you can't choose a class from another Race.


Race  -  Classes

Dragon  -  Feral, Pyromancer, Scout, Warlord

Dryad  -  Protector, Ranger, Warder

Ethereal  -  Caster, Guardian, Warrior

Human  -  Archer, Assassin, Destroyer, Knight, Magus, Martial Arts

Infernal  -  Berserker, Necromancer, Warlock


In the future more classes and races may be added!


Some General Gameplay Info:

Skill-Based Combat
Combat is implemented with class skills, weapons, and magic. Players fight with their provided weapon and hit their target when they see fit [HITBOX COMBAT]
Kingdom vs Kingdom
Each race has their own kingdom. Each kingdom has the ability to maintain or regulate trade within the race, form alliances with other kingdoms, and start wars with others as well. It is recommended that players work together in times of war to create and build defensive and offensive positions in their own territory.
Personal professions are jobs that players regulate on their own. They may level up their skill in their profession as little or as much as they want.
Wood Crafter
Kingdom professions are highly encouraged for a player to climb through levels and ranks. Kingdom professions directly relate to the player’s position in the kingdom and what they can do to contribute.

Detailed Gameplay Mechanics
Player moves and sees their character in a 3rd person perspective
Player uses W, A, S, D keys to move their character in a specific direction
Player has a default running speed, but may sprint by holding down the left shift key
Player can move the camera freely with their mouse, rotating smoothly around their playable character
When holding down a key to go forward, the character follows the direction the camera is facing
Flight can be activated by pressing the spacebar twice in tandem
Flight directions can be changed smoothly with W, A, S, D keys
Flight speed may be increased by holding down the left shift key, though is only available as a burst for a few seconds
Player may come down from flight by pressing the control key, though flight may be stopped, as it is not everlasting
Flight lasts for a certain time and needs to recharge for the same amount of seconds
Mounts allow the player to increase their speed by a certain amount
Mounts can be controlled using the W, A, S, D keys
Player can move the camera freely with their mouse, rotating smoothly around their playable character and mount
When holding down a key to go forward, the character and mount follows the direction the camera is facing
Ships and boats are accessible and controlled by the player and can only be used on lakes, oceans, and rivers, depending on the size
Ship and boats can be controlled and turned by using W, A, S, D keys, but moving with the camera is not an option
Turning speeds are generally low, however forward speeds depend on the player and weather
Within the water, the player’s movement speed is decreased compared to running on land
Player can control the direction the character goes by using W, A, S, D keys
Mouse is used to move the camera freely and smoothly around their character
Player Camera
Player camera is moved smoothly with the mouse, rotating around their character
Camera speed and camera distance from character can be edited
Player Interactions
NPCs can be activated by the player with the ‘E’ key or by engaging in combat with them
Non-Hostile NPCs will engage in dialogue with the player or offer an objective quest. When this occurs, the camera will focus on the activated NPC and text dialogue will run across the screen according to the script
Hostile NPCs can be activated by moving into their trigger zones to activate combat or by attacking with any skill or weapon
Special NPCs, such as merchants and bankers, can offer and store items to players
The player can interact with simple items across the map. These items are playable and can either be equipped or consumed by the player. The items are called ‘free world items’. These exist as a single object in the world and can be picked up by the player. The item then disappears and will later respawn for another player.
Quest items are also free world, but do not disappear for other players. However, it does disappear for the player who has already acquired the item, but does not respawn.
Quests, given by NPCs, mission noticeboards, and items, will be available for the player to take or ignore
The player has the option to accept the quest, but must activate the NPC or item beforehand
Objectives can be completed by activating the previously engaged starting points
Character Creation
The player will be able to create their character and adjust each aspect as shown below:
Body Shape
Body Texture
Wings [Dragon, Ethereal]
Horns [Dragon, Infernal]
Character Information
Player will be able to access and see their character’s race, gender, guild, class, and stats within the character menu
Player will be able to access and change their character’s equipment, inventory, and currency in the character menu
Player will be able to access a quest journal
Player will be able to access and see profession stats and level in the character menu 
Player will be able to access a mailbox. They can send and receive letters and items from other players and the quest system
Player will have the choice between many classes when they create their character
Classes determine your basic role in the game; tank, DPS, etc.
Classes give the player different skills, depending on what they choose
Skill Lines
Passive skills give the player buffs, such as defense or attack boosts
Offensive skills give the player more options of attack
Depending on the class, the player will receive a weapon that contributes to the class skill line and offensive attacks
Attack Options
The player can do a simple attack, depending on their weapon, by clicking the left mouse button
The player can do a simple block, depending on their weapon, by holding the right mouse button
The player can perform a power attack, depending on their weapon, by holding down the left mouse button
The player has access to all their class skill on a skill bar. This skill bar can be used by pressing a variety of number buttons [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
Combat Gameplay
Player can use the available skills and weapons to defeat enemies by bringing their health points down to zero
There are two types of enemies: Neutral and Aggressive. Neutral enemies will not attack the player unless provoked. Hostile enemies will attack the player if they get too close to their trigger zone or if they are attacked.
Combat against enemies uses hitboxes. When the player uses a skill near an enemy, it will affect the enemy's hitbox and health points. If the player is not within the vicinity of a hitbox, their skills and weapons will have no effect.

Professions Info:


Blacksmith (anything that include hard materials, such as steel, iron)
Includes crafting armour, weapons, and ingots out of metal
Progress: Smelt Ores to obtain certain material or use already made ones
Progress2: Material into weapons or armour or tools
Progress3: Repair any broken or damaged weapon or tools
Jewelcrafting (all types of gems “jewelry”)
create passive items, such a rings, necklaces, bracelet, earring and other accessories to give the player a boost in their skills and upgrade unique aspects of armour and weapons with gems plus make keys to open treasure chests
They can create special flasks made out of gems to provide to alchemy better stats and refillable making it cheaper
Miner uses pickaxe to obtain certain materials such as ores, clay, and gems (jewels)
They can make leather armour and clothing, they focus on giving utility to certain things, a clothes for fisher so you can fish faster, a clothes for hunter, and what we all love, beautiful clothes to show off, and other factions, like providing decent Cloths that gives utility for assassin.
They can use special leathers to make armour/clothes, cape, boots, gloves, leather, hard leather, special leather can can later introduce to the game 
They use raw materials in general
Wood Crafter (all items made by wood)
Includes chopping trees, providing lumber, creating objects (create projectiles) using wood materials (boats, defenses, etc.)
Create arrows, Defense system, walls, anything involving woods and the better type of wood, the more advantages you’ll have 
Alchemists use ingredients to create a plethora of items. Some of these include: healing elixirs, curing poisoning and regeneration, making charms to unlock seals on certain items or treasures, 

Allows you to grow of crops and allows you to create shrubs for planting.
Tools: Rake, Seed Dibber, Watering Can, Spade, Gardening Trowel etc…
Depending on the Seed type, it’ll produce flowers, herb and cactus which can be sold to Alchemist, hops can be used to bait animals for hunting, and other type of seeds can be used for cooking.
Basically can plant and grow  fruits, vegetables, herbs, or trees
Chefs take fish, meat, and other foods and combine them into meals using recipes.
Chefs get these item by either following the fishing skill line, or the hunting skill line.
Fishers make a living by traveling through rivers, lakes, and oceans to catch fish and other sea creatures. There are many fishing tools and bait which will decide what type of fish you’ll get, also fish can be used by alchemist to make unique flasks and food such as ( fish Soup with elixirs from alchimist) Increase the XP Gained From combat by 80%.  Another random fish with other type of elixir can provide for example recovers 35k hp over 20 seconds, Increases Attack Power by 5 for 30 min, Increases Health Regen by 250 for 30 min, Increases Evasion for 30 Min.
Hunters make a living by traveling through forests and plains to hunt deer, wolves, rabbits, and other creatures. Hunter can tame certain animals that he can use for his advantage such as horse for traveling, can take leather out of animals to use it or sell it to clothier, can take his blood for alchemist, plus hunting a special animal and capturing it will get you rewards, and taming animals

Similar to blade and soul, their Soul system which they simply obtain it by chests and bosses, however we’ll create a Divination skill where player will be gathering and manufacturing, Players gather the divine energy from wisps which we place randomly for temporary time, we’ll have a certain main locations in risky places where players might end up fighting for it, there will be type of wisps such as Gleaming, Lustrous, Luminous etc… Divination can be used to empower the body and make it stronger, and can be used for Transmutation, where they can turn lower level resources into higher level resources, and can be used to teleport things from your inventory to your bank (some limitations will apply on this) 
Acrobatics is basically all of the tumbling and performance type feats that gymnasts do. An acrobatic profession in an MMO would give the player the option to increase stamina, speed, and more. Some examples of what an acrobat would do that a normal player couldn't, would be climbing up walls, hopping over fences smoothly, and have a better chances at sneaking and stealing.

Note: Personal Professions can be used for certain objectives in kingdom system, which can be useful 
Note2: One Character can master all professions

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In the beginning there was only light and dark....


Join an epic war between the titans of the light and the voids of darkness


Play as a diverse array of characters


Take part in a wide range of activities


Experience fun adventures with your friends (and maybe make some new ones?)


and who knows you might even discover the mysteries of genesis?! In this exciting medieval MMORPG


Some Fotos:



fix your images they are not working

good luck also :)

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Thank you :)

Fixed them :)

More info and videos soon!

Also I've forgotten to say that we are still recruiting members for the team.

So feel free to pm here for more info

What is more ill need some feedback (for now from the photos :) )

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If you need 3D designer for props, clothes e.t.c You can pm me (via payment only)

Just in case you need crew.

We will keep that in mind :) thank you Edited by BioCloudEntertainment
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