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WTS Rootware Service [Java Developing]

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[updated 17.10.2017]: Service is stopped. Available only selling existing addons. Working with own projects.

IMPORTANT! Please don't adding yourself into my contact list for nothing. I will moving you from my contacts to blacklist. If you not need my services, skip/ignore me. I'm not a free helper and i'm not give the free consultations (exept my regular clients). Start to respect a time of other people. Thanks.

My free/paid/demo works:


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Ready to work on interesting ideas.


Priority: aCis, L2J-Server, L2JFrozen (possible), etc. Work with your sources, result of work the DIFF patch.


Please don't write with AIO, multifunction zone and other bullshit.


Reason: hard times and need money.





No Carrier system



Skipping items from droplist



Extrackable Items



Custom XML Extended Spawnlist



Color System for aCis



and more...

i can't see any links



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Skipping items from droplist Shared for aCis Customers



Extrackable Items Shared for aCis Customers



Custom XML Extended Spawnlist Shared for aCis Customers



Color System for aCis Shared for aCis Customers


can you share a preview here on mxc or create a video?

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can you share a preview here on mxc or create a video?

This addons is very small for video. You can see on the screenshots.


Skipping items from droplist

#                        Skipping Items

# Enable skip all items from skipping_items.xml out from droplist of all monsters.
# Default: False
EnableSkippingItems = False



<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<!-- All added items will be skipped then server start. -->
	<item id="57"/> <!-- Adena -->



Extrackable Items



    <skill id="xxxx" levels="1" name="yyyy">
        <set name="target" val="TARGET_SELF" />
        <set name="skillType" val="CREATE_ITEMS" />
        <set name="operateType" val="OP_ACTIVE" />
        <set name="create_item_ids" val="a1;a2;a3;a4" />
        <set name="create_item_counts" val="b1;b2;b3;b4" />
        <cond msgId="129">
                <player invSize="10" />
                <player weight="80" />


Custom XML Extended spawnlist


Read any number of files from a directory ("data/xml/spawns") and add it to spawn NPC of them.


Example gatekeeper.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <spawn npcId="30080" locx="82400" locy="148800" locz="-3465" heading="0" />
    <spawn npcId="30080" locx="82400" locy="148700" locz="-3465" heading="20000" />
    <spawn npcId="30080" locx="82400" locy="148600" locz="-3465" heading="40000" />
    <spawn npcId="30080" locx="82400" locy="148500" locz="-3465" heading="55000" />

Color system


Example of xml:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- Description: -->
<!-- [Not necessary] - not specified if it is unnecessary -->
<!-- [Necessary] - must always specify -->
<!-- item: Item ID [Not necessary] -->
<!-- count: Item count [Not necessary] -->
<!-- rgb: font color in the RRGGBB format [Necessary] -->
<!-- type: name/title [Necessary] -->
<!-- isHero: available only for Hero [Not necessary] -->
<!-- isNoble: available only for Noble [Not necessary] -->
<!-- byLevel: available only for X level and higher (subclass ignored) [Not necessary] -->

    <color item="57" count="1000" rgb="FF0000" type="name" />
    <color item="728" count="100" rgb="FFFF00" type="name" byLevel="23" />

    <color item="57" count="1000" rgb="FF0000" type="title" />
    <color item="728" count="100" rgb="FFFF00" type="title" byLevel="23" />

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    • Give me your skype, because i can't PM you. ty
    • Sorry but non sense server...if its urs then u must be disappointed.. i thought it will worth to try it since i remember u name years now here but nope..

      High Five Server   EXP: 25x / SP: 25x / Spoil: 15x / Drop: 10x  / Adena: 10x
      04.06.2018 19:00 GMT+2

      08.06.2018 19:00 GMT+2

      Special features, events, rewards on the server

      Active GM staff - online support 24h (ingame, skype, mail)
      Every day events with GM for good rewards
      Every weekend double rates 2x exp,sp,drop,spoil,adena
      Russian Roulette event
      Raid Boss event with good reward
      Stream event - watch ours stream and win items in game
      Gathering event - event for all online players in cities L2
      And more events with our active GM

      Castle Sieges / Territory Wars / Grand Boss Zones
      - Bot protection (entry to the zones only one character per computer)

      Next Bot Protection
      - Antibot Protection SG + special Captcha system

      Olympiad / Castle Sieges / Territory Wars
      - Every week + feed protection

      .getreward every 12 hours (Vote Rune + random Items)
      - Reward from voting / L2Hopzone and L2Topzone /

      Grand Opening Event
      - Reward for all players on opening day

      Custom server gear
      - Dress me system with special costumes, shields, weapons and hats

      Clan reward
      - Every clan on the server get a special reward

      - Reward for Streaming

      Other Server Information

      Server Rates:
      » Xp 25x.
      » Sp 25x.
      » PartyXp 2x.
      » PartySp 2x.
      » Spoil 15x
      » Adena 10x.
      » Drop 10x.
      » Starting character level 1.

      Enchant rates:
      » Safe enchant +4.
      » Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+16).
      » Simple enchant scrolls chance – 50%
      » Blessed enchant scrolls chance – 60%

      » Max Buffs: 24 + 4.
      » Max Dances/Songs: 12.
      » Buffs time: 2 hours

      Automatic events:
      » Capture the Flag.
      » Death Match.
      » Domination
      » Korean Style
      » Hunt Ground
      » Last Man
      » Mass Dominion
      » Team vs Team

      Olympiad game:
      » Retail olympiad game.
      » Competition period [1] week.
      » Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00] GMT+2.
      » New Heroes every Monday.

      Castle Sieges & Territory Wars:
      » Every week.

      Boss Informations:
      Baium: 5 days + 1 hour random
      Antharas 5 days + 1 hour random
      Valakas 5 days + 1 hour random
      Beleth 5 days + 1 hour random
      Queen Ant 1 day +- 1 hour
      Instances for 1 party = 9 players

      Custom server gear:
      Dress me system with special costumes, shields, weapons and hats

      Unique features:
      » Main town – Giran
      » Automatic-Manual Potions.
      » Automatic-Manual reward from Vote
      » Vote Rune for better stats
      » Working Castles.
      » Unique Grand Boss PvP zone
      » Wedding system.
      » Full npc buffer with auto buff.
      » Max subclasses – 3.
      » Max lvl subclass – 85.
      » Free and no quest sub class.
      » Ingame password change.
      » Secondary password security.
      » HighFive retail skills.
      » Server up-time [24/7] [99]%.
      » Announcements on Raid Boss spawn
      » Top pvp/pk/online ranks in Community Board ALT+B.
      » Community Board ALT+B with functions for players.
      » Community Board ALT+B with all servers infromations and commands.
      » Perfect class balance
      (all class can kill all class depending on players skill and setup knowledge,gear,augmentations).
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