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[updated 17.10.2017]: Service is stopped. Available only selling existing addons. Working with own projects.

IMPORTANT! Please don't adding yourself into my contact list for nothing. I will moving you from my contacts to blacklist. If you not need my services, skip/ignore me. I'm not a free helper and i'm not give the free consultations (exept my regular clients). Start to respect a time of other people. Thanks.

New features:

  • Reverse engineering of Java package (small package) for full transfering feature;
  • Reverse engineering of compiled Java projects for getting/searching something or hacks.


  • Work only with L2J Server forks;
  • Priority chronicles Interlude, possible the others;
  • I do not work for food and for free;
  • I'm not a teacher and do not teaching;
  • Possible continous support the live projects (with SVN use only);
  • Language: English/Russian (not matter);
  • Communication through Skype/Discord (possible Email);
  • I don't uses of minimal work's price. All by situation. The main criterial it's price of time;
  • I work only with full sources via your SVN as team member with WR or RO (in this case you get diff patch) rights. If you cares about leaks, then buy Java book and learn L2J architecture. This is the main conditions if you: not have Java knowledge or you need add something in your customized sources;
  • I don't work with compiled projects for fix and add something;
  • I don't work with client for transfer/create the new NPCs or locations;
  • I don't work via TV or RDP with your sources for creating addons or fixes mistakes in your Eclipse workbench. For all, who don't understanding this, i'm ready to work on your conditions with my price 10 euro per hour;
  • I don't sell any  sources, completed servers;
  • I don't create completed servers for your wishes.

Work's price calculation:

  • Time for researching increase a price;
  • If i'm see what your addon is interest or unique and i can sell it for anyone more then it's descrease a price;
  • Adapting for your shitty style increase a price;
  • Fully detailed descriotion of your task decrease a price.

My knowledge:

  • Java Skill - 146% success;
  • L2J Architecture - 146% success;
  • L2OFF Architecture - 146% success;
  • Lineage 2 Client - 146% success;
  • PHP, MySQL, XML, JavaScript, CSS - 146% success;
  • Lineage 2 Gameplay - 146% success not matter, if you got the own L2OFF test server.

My portfolio works:


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netoluan    0

Ready to work on interesting ideas.


Priority: aCis, L2J-Server, L2JFrozen (possible), etc. Work with your sources, result of work the DIFF patch.


Please don't write with AIO, multifunction zone and other bullshit.


Reason: hard times and need money.





No Carrier system


Skipping items from droplist


Extrackable Items


Custom XML Extended Spawnlist


Color System for aCis


and more...

i can't see any links



An Error Has Occurred!
The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you
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Rootware    1

Because you do not have access to this part of the forum.


Skipping items from droplist




Custom XML Extended Spawnlist




Color System for aCis





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Skipping items from droplist Shared for aCis Customers


Extrackable Items Shared for aCis Customers


Custom XML Extended Spawnlist Shared for aCis Customers


Color System for aCis Shared for aCis Customers

can you share a preview here on mxc or create a video?

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Rootware    1

can you share a preview here on mxc or create a video?

This addons is very small for video. You can see on the screenshots.


Skipping items from droplist

#                        Skipping Items

# Enable skip all items from skipping_items.xml out from droplist of all monsters.
# Default: False
EnableSkippingItems = False



<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<!-- All added items will be skipped then server start. -->
	<item id="57"/> <!-- Adena -->



Extrackable Items



    <skill id="xxxx" levels="1" name="yyyy">
        <set name="target" val="TARGET_SELF" />
        <set name="skillType" val="CREATE_ITEMS" />
        <set name="operateType" val="OP_ACTIVE" />
        <set name="create_item_ids" val="a1;a2;a3;a4" />
        <set name="create_item_counts" val="b1;b2;b3;b4" />
        <cond msgId="129">
                <player invSize="10" />
                <player weight="80" />


Custom XML Extended spawnlist


Read any number of files from a directory ("data/xml/spawns") and add it to spawn NPC of them.


Example gatekeeper.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <spawn npcId="30080" locx="82400" locy="148800" locz="-3465" heading="0" />
    <spawn npcId="30080" locx="82400" locy="148700" locz="-3465" heading="20000" />
    <spawn npcId="30080" locx="82400" locy="148600" locz="-3465" heading="40000" />
    <spawn npcId="30080" locx="82400" locy="148500" locz="-3465" heading="55000" />

Color system


Example of xml:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- Description: -->
<!-- [Not necessary] - not specified if it is unnecessary -->
<!-- [Necessary] - must always specify -->
<!-- item: Item ID [Not necessary] -->
<!-- count: Item count [Not necessary] -->
<!-- rgb: font color in the RRGGBB format [Necessary] -->
<!-- type: name/title [Necessary] -->
<!-- isHero: available only for Hero [Not necessary] -->
<!-- isNoble: available only for Noble [Not necessary] -->
<!-- byLevel: available only for X level and higher (subclass ignored) [Not necessary] -->

    <color item="57" count="1000" rgb="FF0000" type="name" />
    <color item="728" count="100" rgb="FFFF00" type="name" byLevel="23" />

    <color item="57" count="1000" rgb="FF0000" type="title" />
    <color item="728" count="100" rgb="FFFF00" type="title" byLevel="23" />

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      Hello,i am selling adena on
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    • By Lorkz
      Like the title says
      - Prophet lvl 42  with 20 days subs
         DW learned
         rune 100xp 2h
         12 high grade scroll exp
         20 medium grade scroll exp
         20 normal grade scroll exp
           5 items 100% exp .
      Add me on skype or pm here.
      Payment via Paypal
      SWS 41(naked)    25eu SOLD
      - sub until November 19th 
      - 100% exp rune + 12high xp scroll
      Prophet lvl 67  ----------------------------> 120eu   or 105kk ( if you have any other price in mind just pm me)     SOLD
      - All skills learned (haste, DW, GM, GS included).
      - Divine Set Jewels C grade
      - Weapon D grade with Iss' Magic Regen lvl 6.
      - 600 Attendance coins .
      - Rare Accessory BOX 15 day -  Orfen, QA, Core. [ ready to open ]
      - Subscription till October 14th.
      Bladedancer lvl 58  12% ----------------------->  85eu  or 75kk       SOLD
      - All skills learned.
      - Theca Set  and Jewels C grade.
      - Weapon of event (no grade).
      Warlock lvl 52 naked -------------------------> 25eu or 21kk
      - Subscription till October 7th.
      Prophet 40(naked)+
      -  2weeks + subs
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