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Description: is a video library intended to help new players and existing low elo players achieve a high-elo game knowledge which will help them climb the ladder.
As a high elo player I really found the videos as helpful and they also look cool so you should definitely try.
The knowledge you get from strategy series + scripts = Challenjour, GG.

The site-rip is structured in 4 categories/archives which you can download:
1. Champion Guides.7z:'s collection of Guides realised by pro players, again, I found those guides to be very indepth, the videos averaging 20 minutes.
Inside this archive you will find a folder with each available champion
which in turn has a pdf to give you a quick overview on how to build the champion


and a very in-depth video about the champion.
2. Pro Plays.7z:
Also pretty cool collection of videos in which some guy explains how a pro made a specific play, very detailed
3. Pro Tips.7z:
A collection of videos in which pros give you advice on cool tricks you can do with their favorite champions.
4. Strategy Series.7z :
Despite this being the last archive, it's also the best. It basically explains what goes in the mind of a high elo player when laning.
If you have no time, just download this, it will improve your gameplay by alot.
I will also add the cool graphics from the strategy series in my challenger series collection of champion assemblies soon. If you know another sites like this one, feel free to PM me about them. That being said, I hope you enjoy those vids and they help you to climb the ladder faster.
DL Link 1:!mMkQjK6A!mxqo5dzlxf5Qa4zj_e3Egg


Key Link:!mMkQjK6A%21mxqo5dzlxf5Qa4zj_e3Egg

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