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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usP-sZQTUV4 Το ανταλλαζω με skin στο cs αξιας 80 ευρω η 80 χερι με χερι αθηνα
  2. Το ανταλλαζω γιατι δεν παιζω πια,οπως ειπα και στο title ειναι active με rewards απο ολα τα season εκτος του season 1,ουτε 1 μικρο μπαν μιας μερας,τελειως καθαρο,20 rune pages,ολα τα runes,ολοι οι champs εκτος των 2 τελευταιων,To mmr ειναι παρα πολυ καλο,77νικες 50ηττες 61% ποσοστο νικης 25-26 points καθε gam...Ανταλλαγη μονο Αθηνα,για σκιν στο cs:go h 125 euro... 520/1350 RP SKINS : 104 Unavailable : 57(+2 in loot) Legendary : 7 Ultimate : 2 Chromas : 15 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usP-sZQTUV4
  3. The site that you're using isn't working
  4. The site that i used to get accounts like these isn't providing anymore,anyone who can direct me to a new website or something?
  5. Give google a try before you shitpost...
  6. I can't get a replay to work,can someone record and send me 2 minutes of footage please?
  7. With a little bit of farm and not 100% enchant rates
  8. Ευχαριστω για τις απαντησεις...Εχω ενα pc που θελει μονο τροφοδοτικο,απλα δεν ξερω με τι θα ειναι συμβατη η motherboard μου γι αυτο φοβαμαι λιγο να τον φτιαξω...
  9. Παιδες βρηκα το συγκεκριμενο gaming pc με 350 ευρω...Αξιζει τα λευτα του;Θελω να παιζω lol κ να χω youtube ανοιχτο απο πισω,μεχρι εκει τπτ παραπανω...Αν αυτο δεν ειναι καλο εχετε να προτεινετε τπτ καλυτερο μεχρι 400 ευρω για αυτην την χρηση;;
  10. Account Region : Eune Status : Unranked(2 ranked games played since 2014,both lost) Champions owned : 71 Skins owned : 13,Only 3 of which can be found in the shop(10 Rare ones including kitty kat katarina,headless hecarim,championship thresh bla bla bla) and a lot of rare icons Rune pages : 6 I can get it to gold if you like....This account was gold in season 3 and 4....I can give further proof via skype(share screens) or whatever way you like,but im not going first....You can pay via PayPal or Skrill....Shoot me on skype,"leno.x" can be found in the picture below aswell....
  11. I'm selling my th9 account(gmail and game center)because i have no time or a device to play this game anymore All defenses and all traps are maxed Dark spells left to max the lab Level 112 Level 17 King Level 20 Queen 5 builders 207 LvL 9 Walls 43 LvL 10 Walls 350 War Stars 200 gems (I can get it up to Champion's League if you like) All the achievements are completed(only defenses,multiplayer battle wins,mortar mauler and the new ones to go) Price : 100 Euro -- [GR]70 Euro αν ειναι χερι με χερι (Αθηνα) I also have a th8 account with all lvl 7 walls and some
  12. I'm selling my steam account...I've bought Counter Strike Global Offensive and Rust,i have no idea what the ranks are i only know that a friend of mine played cs for about a week and my brother played a lot of Rust...
  13. I aggree with you on the first part...But if your definition of fun is a staff that takes the money and leaves then alright go ahead,have fun!I give it two months....