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WTS The Finished Project Pts Interlude X50

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All good night, actually go directly to the point.
Selling ready and fully customized project Lineage 2 PTS Interlude x50.
The project work was carried out for about a year, made a lot of fixes.

  • What is included in the project:
  • Official Build Lineage 2 Interlude PTS Vanganth
  • Backups with closing BestSide.Ru
  • Clean scripts for the database.
  • Drop / spoil patch.
  • Russian and English patch.
  • Agro patch.
  • Web harness + PSD.
  • Web private office.
  • Web Server Administration. (Admin)
  • Full GEODATA PTS Interlude.
  • Updater.
  • Scripts for rate x50
  • Scripts for rate x1

Full description of the game world x50:


  • Exp: x50
  • SealStones: x10
  • SP: x50
  • RB Exp / SP: x3
  • Adena: x10
  • RB Drop (chance of total group): X1.5
  • Drop: x10
  • Epic Rb Drop: x1
  • Spoil: x7
  • Quest: x1

This reytovka has repeatedly proved that it is the best and better for gaming worlds Craft-PvP
Here preserved important aspects such as Kraft, spoil, farm AA and passing quests.
Quests with increased Reith:

  • Gather the Flames - Reith x2, the number of drop Torch.
  • Relics of the Old Empire - Reith x2, the number of drop Broken Relic Part.
  • Delicious Top Choice Meat - Reith x2, the number of drop quest items.
  • Alliance with Varka Silenos - Reith x2, the number of drop quest items.
  • Alliance with Ketra Orcs - Reit x2, the number of drop quest items.
  • War with Ketra - Reith x2, the number of drop Molar of Ketra Orc.
  • War with Varka - Reith x2, the number of drop Varka's Mane.
  • Heart in Search of Power - Reith x2, the number of drop Gem of Submission (Gem of Saints)
  • The Zero Hour - Reith x2, the number of drop Stakato Fang.
  • Exploration of the Giants Cave part I / II - Reith x2, the number of drop Ancient Parchment and Ancient Titan Book.

Features of the game world:

  • The most complete implementation of chronicles Interlude on a new, modern PTS platform.
  • Work all the quests in the Primeval Isle, quests clan reputation points.
  • Main Buff, Shop Zone in Giran Harbor, Hardins Academy.
  • Shopping area located in one city Gludin.
  • Shortened subclass quests and nobility.
  • 24 buff slots. 12 slots for the debuff.
  • All basic buffs, dances, songs duration of 1 hour.
  • Free teleport in main locations (Buff and trade zone)
  • When starting a new spell in the top NG sets and best NG weapon.
  • 1st and 2nd profession free, third - 10kk, for Adena can buy stuff to A grade.
  • Recipes and Resources Grade A, Grade S recipes can be purchased for Festival Adena, which is added to the drop mobs 78+
  • A, S grade only Kraft, the store has a basic set of resources for crafting.
  • Qty drop adena, the price of goods in shops, the cost of other services by NPC trimmed 10 times for easy storage of large amounts of adena.
  • Special Fun-farm area Party, with a very aggressive, strong mobs will not be bored when you will grow to the maximum level.
  • You can challenge the strongest Raid Boss'u world Aden Morashan Olympiad at the stadium and get very valuable rewards.
  • With one PC allowed run any number of windows.
  • In the clan halls available Buffer and Gmshop.
  • Automatic learning all the skills of the character.
  • In the main locations set bafery. This made for a more comfortable game.
  • Weight limit doubled from the base.
  • Cycle castle sieges 1 week.
  • Seven Signs in 7 day cycle (4 days - during the struggle, day 3 - Seal period)
  • Work correctly all Epic bosses and elite capture castles CH.
  • Drop a raid and epic bosses according to the official server.
  • Implemented skill Block Buff.
  • Mana potion restores 400 MP. This is the optimal solution for pvp server, so there was no well-known situation when a support class has a bishop without limit the number of MP and the game for it boils down to grip one "keys."
  • Banned trade near the GC in all cities
  • All GC can buy teleports to the major cities of Aden.
  • In the clan halls added a menu with a shop, Buffer and rk with the ability to teleport to the main location.
  • Avtoeventy from NCSOFT
  • Copyright contests and promotions for the active participation of users receive bonuses
  • Chance sharpening does not match official *

* Taking into account past experience and the concept of the game world, we decided to abandon the standard official mechanics sharpening equipment, now it will be a little more difficult to sharpen. This does not mean that the game world you will not see the promised arms 16, it will be less easy, and things will really cost.
Offline trading:

  • Activation offline trade through command .offline
  • While active trading stalls - 96 hours.
  • Banned trade near GateKeeper in all cities.

Seven Signs:

  • Pay attention to the end time periods!
  • Cycle - 7 days (4 days - during the struggle; 3 days - period print)
  • Start a period of "struggle" (registration period) Monday 18:00:00
  • The end of the "struggle": Friday 6:00:00
  • Start period "victory" (period Mamonov): Friday 6:15:00
  • The end of the "victory" Monday 17:45:00

Great Olympics:

  • The Olympics is held every day from 20:00 to 00:00 (Remember server time +3 GMT!)
  • Class battles take place on a daily basis.
  • To start games in the class type, it takes 5 nobleman.
  • To start games in non-class type, requires 9 nobleman.
  • Limiting the maximum sharpening equipment is 10 points.

Epic Boss:

  • At the start of all epic bosses alive!
  • Queen Ant (40 lvl): 24hour +/- 2hour
  • Core (50 lvl): 36hour +/- 2hour
  • Orfen (60 lvl): 36hour +/- 2hour
  • Zaken (60 lvl): 48hour +/- 2hour
  • Baium (80 lvl): 120hour + (0-4hour)
  • Antharas (80 lvl): 192hour + (0-4hour)
  • Valakas (85 lvl): 264hour
  • Frintezza (85 lvl): 48hour + (0-2hour)
  • Other Raid Boss:
  • Barakiel (Nouble RB) 3 hours + - 10Minutes
  • Respawn Alliance RB (RB Quest in cooking and Ketra) 6-12 hours.
  • Respawn all other RB 12-24 hours.

Game Team:

  • .menu - call the universal menu
  • .itemtime - remaining timer for temporary objects
  • .rune - view from a premium bonus runes acting on your character at the moment, taking into account all the conditions of its status (for example: participation in a group of players)
  • .exp on / off - turn on / off gain experience
  • .offline - offline activation of trade


Description of functional web:


  • Promotion for voting l2top and mmotop.
  • Secure authentication (SSL Captha session).
  • Register an account (possibility activation e-mail).
  • Password recovery (the ability to recover through e-mail).
  • Information on the status of the server and online.
  • Alert System account suspension.
  • Account Management (Change Password Change E-Mail Change login).
  • Manage characters (Paul Nick).
  • Information about the characters + inventory.
  • Game statistics (PVP Top 100 Top Top Top PC Clans Alliances Siege 7 Signs).


Description of functional web admin:


  • Search characters, accounts, clans and objects according to different criteria
  • Display detailed information on characters, accounts, clans and subjects
  • Ban / razban characters and accounts
  • View a list of banned characters and accounts
  • Change password / e-mail accounts
  • Renaming characters
  • Changing the title characters
  • Change the color name and title characters
  • Changing the appearance of the character
  • Changing the basic parameters of the character (level, experience, cn, etc.)
  • Change Account character
  • Switch the active subclass
  • Removing a character
  • Restore a deleted character
  • Adding items
  • Deleting items
  • Changing the properties of objects
  • Take ownership of objects
  • Adding skill is
  • Deleting characters skills
  • Change the settings for the characters abilities
  • Removal of recipes from the cookbook
  • To remove the mark Clan
  • Renaming Clan
  • Changing the level of the clan
  • Changing the number of CRP clan
  • The expulsion of the players from the clan
  • Showing maps of the game world with the location of players
  • Displays a list of characters with human
  • Display the list of active heroes
  • Kick character
  • Locking
  • Change character
  • Move the character (account)
  • Teleport
  • Change the name
  • Change the title
  • Change the color name
  • Reputation
  • Objects
  • Skills
  • Animals
  • Quests
  • History
  • Friends
  • Foes


You can buy it all at once, that will be cheaper, so you can buy separate developments.
More detailed information can contact me by writing to me on Skype.
Skype: cleric.rus


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And what about the quests that are shit-broken on Vanganth files ?
Not to mention you ain't using latest rev. (not that this would matter)
But most of the complexe quests and quite important via Vanganth script side are not finished/working/functional.

Also with 1 post count do not expect much pozitive "thinking"

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And what about the quests that are shit-broken on Vanganth files ?

Not to mention you ain't using latest rev. (not that this would matter)

But most of the complexe quests and quite important via Vanganth script side are not finished/working/functional.

Also with 1 post count do not expect much pozitive "thinking"

I can provide screenshots and any other Old.
The fact that I have one post, does not mean that I'm selling a bad project.

Quests (html) and AI taken from the assembly _lineage.ru



Call me skype.


I mean he found on any russia forum and he now resell

I am a seller and not resell.


Pretty sure the guy has no ideea what half means from what he copy/pasted there in the topic.

... LoL  :gtfo:

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web harness + PSD


can u send me an screenshot please or post it here ?












































Raid Boss (Drop passive noobless cloak)


Farm Zone (Drop FA)


Agro Patch





It is possible to go to a test server!


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