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  1. good luck with ur server ( change domain to looks more legit )
  2. I apologize but i have no idea of what u said ? So armor +12 is able to buy from what day ? Also could u explain me how Old are you ? You wrote the news that server STARTS 18/09/16 at 13 GMT+2 and server start today at 10 GMT+2 , is this another fail admin kid server who cant even wait for the time he set up ? ( he also change the news that server starts at 10 hahaha online GM and his friend ) PS. GM IS real kid , when you ask him questions on his forum he simply delete them when he doesn't want to answer them / DONT WASTE YOUR TIME server : 0/10
  3. donation from the first day ? http://screenshot.sh/odUnnYDLGqrtx
  4. https://www.facebook.com/spottedinpokemongo/
  5. Commands : CLAN: *Player commands: /clan help - displays clan commands. /clan create <Clan TAG> creates a new clan. /clan join <tag> joins a clan you have been invited to. /clan leave leaves your current clan. /c <message> sends a message to all online clan members. /tc toogles global/clan chat. *Clan moderator commands: /clan invite <player> invites a player to your clan. /clan kick <player> kicks a member from your clan. *Owner commands: /clan tagcolor <color> sets a new tag color. /clan promote <player> promotes a member to moderator. /clan demo
  6. soooo much hate ;D EVERYWHERE :D
  7. remove ur system put new official system then patch to ur server
  8. very small online , are you going to advertise the server ?
  9. server need some changes , but look good , played only for few min , how is the online ?
  10. if you are talking to me i run l2osiris.net for old friends and fans who wanted to play on same features as old l2osiris and i dont know this guy l2osiris and im not saying he is an real owner but he might be or not i dont really care ... good luck with his server i will join the server to see how many old players will join l2osiris again x] as i said in the first post in last l2osiris means l2osiris.net x] Ps. you are only TALKER @blackhive u said u will delete the post if you will talk to me on teamspeak with ur polish friends where is he ? just a bollox u are , kid who rage because
  11. ofc you could be my father hahaha you old prick :D hahahaha as i said you are too stupid to talk to you x] People join l2osiris x] ignore that kind of people they may destroy the community in that server ;)
  12. ok bollox so when you wanna speak with me ? do you have any teamspeak ? thats why im not goin to proof anything here x] CUZ of the kids like you , you knows better where i'm from , probably you know also that im from small city called Ketrzyn in Warmia i Mazury just beside airport szymanow (was created in 2016 just few weeks ago ) also im waiting for you post to be deleted because im Polish and as i said i can speak with your friend anytime you want , i can also show him files and the website and also NAME of "whoisit" who was the owner of the domain , anywayz i'm not going to speak a flue
  13. you remember very good cuz i was the owner of l2osiris long time ago and i'm from Poland , last time server was closed cuz like @l2osiris guy said there was one gm who steal money from MY paypal and start droping the items in giran +5555 where the enchant rate was 33% to keep server balanced ! (80% online left ) also i find out that he was selling epic jew to some guys with out telling anybody ... so it was no point for me to still run the server , i'm not goin to prove any think cuz basically i dont really care , just wanted to say that if you want to make l2osiris you should go with exac
  14. gms respond on forum every 4 or 5 days , dont really care about player suggestions x300 server from community 150 went to 10 , where there is som ESP clan how takes all cuz they are only the one on server , waste of time , they will close x300 same as they closed x50
  15. thanks man i think i will join l2neo big online this server so far shows 3 :D