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  1. Or Simply, edit the lin_CreateChar procedure in database. The easier way for me ^^ Have Fun!
  2. L2Osiris Gold Like Server Official Opening Date: 30 September 2016 20:00 GMT+2 General Information: We have setup our server based on real L2-Gold Files. The server running under L2OFF Server. Actually it is a C4 Server on Interlude client. We hope to enjoy your stay with old l2gold features. Rates: Experience (XP): x45 Skill Points (SP): x50 Drop (Adena): x50 Enchant System: Enchant rate is retail. Safe Enchant Armor amount: +3 Safe Enchant Weapon amount: +3 Safe Enchant Jewels amount: +3 Safe Enchant Full Armor(body) amount: +4 Enchant rate for fighter weapons from +4 to
  3. Clear or not, we have few clans online and more join as the next days. As the old osiris we started from 0 and we hit the top. Same now..... We will be happy to see you all on our server ;)
  4. Stfu man i gave you tona of details i told you, talk with fr3dbr to see if i am not real or not. I wont continue this anymore. Stupid person if fellwind as you say was polish you have any screen which i am talking on polish? Also you remember any forum post by exposer or you remember any character exposer IG? The server was hosted on ngz-server.de. no ddos protection for that days. Did you remember how much ddos shutdowns i had? I told you exactly what kind of extenders i used. Nothing more to discuss.... i won't continue this. Write anything you want.
  5. What the fuck? If he was my friend he can contact with me in my skype. ALSO! You can contact with Fr3DBr to check if i am the real l2osiris administrator. That's all... rly
  6. What the fuck are you talking about??? My server was closed on November 2007. After that some people took an another domain and recreated it. I told you, if you knew me my msn/skype now is the same send me pm. Check it out by yourself. That's all i can say. I should remeber the moderators which i had? I stopped to have contacts with them after the server end. Actually the Fellwind was MY nickname and i wasn't polish. As i told you my msn is still the same. Send me pm to talk there. Btw, no relation with L2Vendetta. PS: My best friend was Phantom2005 which owned l2max.com that days.
  7. We will have great online players from that country =)
  8. Btw, if you was my buddy you should send me on my skype. All my buddies had my msn on that days :P
  9. - Trick question because i didn't said my real name ever.... - Same here - =HGM=DarkAngel - Not, i met him on the web, and he was REALY good at his work that's why i made him HGM We had 5 GMs (Admin, HGM, and 3GMS, after first month i kicked one GM because he took stupid actions). I do not remember modarators names, but i remember that i had 2 forum moderators (without gm char). - At 2009 the server wasn't existed. I closed the osiris server at November 2007. - Sorry, but i do not remember you. Btw, this was my old site template: http://falconhq.eu/l2/27-html-template-9.html Hav
  10. Actually is the same server with old days, i just moved the npcs to other place (giran harbor from giran town) and i made the nobless/subclass quest more easy). Also i put a new economy system (better than the old one), everything get updated why not my old features? :))) We will be happy to see all old players again here!!
  11. For the record, nothing was sold. Some people just bought an another domain like l2osiris.net and started the same server again (without my features). Then after years my original domain was bought from an advertising company because i didn't renew it. But, before 2 months i decided to re-start the server with many new things inside. So i logged on some servers took some ideas and i started developing again.
  12. Clearly yes, on my old server, i had some things different as Giran Main Town, less custom npcs. Titanium Armor (Apella Style), Custom Weapons (Dusk shield and etc...). The custom armors was gained by materials from npcs. PvP spot was MoS. The old l2osiris started as C4 at 2007, got upgraded after 2 months to C5 (with a chinese extender) and then after 1 month got updated to interlude (dVampire extender). You want more proofs ^^.