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The elf looking at me is quite disturbing, while buttons effect is from best internet websites from 2000. You should also consider to make more than one column, because you have to scroll and a panel where you have to scroll is imho a fail by itself.


Hints :

- Drop that ugly elf which seems angry you use your GM panel (she looks being dildo-ed by an orc missing Viagra and not enjoying it).

- Drop effect on buttons. Eventually, don't use buttons at all...

- Rework whole panel to make dedicated categories, using the empty place and avoid to have to scroll.

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that elf looks more like troll than elf and the effects are sux also button effects are sux try to remove those effects on button and try to add something else as logo it will be better i guess

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You call this nice? i bet you saw Ntoublis video and hit like... i am 100% sure for this 


WolfGiaS3na let him try to make something... :)

step by step him job will be better :D





[GR] Hahahahahhah!! :D ilikrina dn exw dei to video tis Ntouvlhs, piga sto google ( Image ) idia tin mapa tis gt dn tin iksera kan... kai etc eimouna tixeros kai dn bika ston kopo na dw tin esxath apotixia pou 8eloune na to onomazoune "Epagelmatikh Tsoda" :P :P [/GR]


Edited by StinkyMadness

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