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U.r.f Mode (Ultra Rapid Fire)

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The evolution of League of Legends, today


The future of League of Legends is Ultra Rapid Fire and the future is right now. Set to go live next preseason, this massive update will help every player make impactful plays at every stage of the game. To give you a taste of this bold vision of the future, we’ve enabled a special preview queue that’ll be live for the next week. Check out a few of the hardest hitting changes:

• Every champion begins the game with 80% cooldown reduction on abilities, activated items and summoner spells

• Casting spells is fun, but running out of mana isn’t, so mana and energy costs have been removed

• Marksmen could dole out tons more damage, so attack speed bonuses for ranged champions have been doubled

Later today, Cloud 9 and TSM will square off to claim the first ever pro U.R.F. victory - catch the action at lolesports.com. Or give Ultra Rapid Fire a shot yourself! We’ve opened up the mode to normal and Co-op vs AI queues – play a game and you’ll earn an exclusive summoner icon that’ll land in your account within three days.


Ultra Rapid Fire Update Notes

Pwyff here with a preview of the 2015 season!

We believe that being forewarned is forearmed so we're testing next season's changes with the Ultra Rapid Fire mode. You guys loved the impact our 2014 season changes had on supports' end game fantasies and we realized we wanted to take that philosophy one step further: end game fantasies… accelerated. Full item builds will take less time to buy, big teamfights will happen more often and no more worrying about pesky resources! From the feedback we've received internally, we think you guys will love these updates.

Some of the changes are pretty drastic and, as a result, a few champions and items just didn't fit within our expanded philosophy. Usually we'd try to tweak them but, with these sweeping changes, we had to make some tough decisions. Clearly this will cause some pain for fans of those champions but it had to be done. Keeping LoL competitive is our number one priority with this update.

So enjoy this glimpse into the future of League of Legends!


There are a lot of changes here, but the core philosophy is to tune down anti-fun mechanics like mana costs, cooldowns and buying boots. Some of our other updates (like the additional tenacity) were to counterbalance our initial wave of changes, because when you eliminate cooldowns you also increase crowd control… a lot. We also discovered that when spells can be cast all the time, they effectively become flashier auto attacks, so we needed to buff up marksmen so they can remain the consistent damage dealers of the game.

• MANA AND ENERGY COST All ability costs reduced to 0

• COOLDOWN REDUCTION 80% on abilities, activated items and summoner spells

• MOVEMENT SPEED +60 for all champions

• TENACITY +25% for all champions

• ATTACK SPEED BONUSES Bonuses given by items/abilities increased by 100% on ranged champions

• CRITICAL STRIKE DAMAGE Increased by 25% of base damage on ranged champions

• GOLD GAIN +500% of the amount normally granted on Summoner's Rift


Full patch-notes list:







More April's Fool:




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BEAST,finally,i played lol after long time and i really enjoy it.

That's what I think that this game was missing for 2 years. Noone enjoyed it because Riot cares only about the competitive gaming.

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But oly crap did you guys see TSM vs C9 match yesterday in this mode? That was the most hilarious thing I've ever seen on competitive scene :o


For those who missed the most glorious RIOT's April Fools: 


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So, next question, what are the best champions for you in this mode?


As far i saw Alistar, Nasus, Ziggs, Nidalee and some others are really good.


Tried Lee Sin in jungle, can't complain. The clearing time is so insane you can get 2 levels ahead when you start ganking and you have insane mobility.


But I think Sona and Urgot are overall the strongest here.

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So, next question, what are the best champions for you in this mode?


As far i saw Alistar, Nasus, Ziggs, Nidalee and some others are really good.




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Tried Lee Sin in jungle, can't complain. The clearing time is so insane you can get 2 levels ahead when you start ganking and you have insane mobility.


But I think Sona and Urgot are overall the strongest here.

I have only played only 1 game as Irelia jungle, but I think that Nunu could be a cool jungler in URF. 2,6 cd on rank 1 Q and 1,2 sec E. So annoying ;p

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