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Hello everybody,


Here are the server features :


Global rates :

- Exp : 50x

- SP : 50x

- Adena : 70x

-Drop rate : 15x

- Spoil rate : 20x

- Quest Exp : 10x

- Quest Adena : 10x


General gameplay :

- Global gatekeeper

- GM Shop selling everything up to the A grade

- Custom farming system for the S grade and higher

- Selling as well other usual thing such as potion and other needed consumable

- Custom shop used for the custom farming system

- Mana potion recharging MP over time

- Class changer available in major towns

- Subclass quest retail like, however, all the TOI scepter are sold in the GM shop. Just Cabrio item need to be obtain concerning the bosses.

- Subclass can level up to 85 and have the benefits of subclass skill certification as well.

- Nobless quest retail like.

- PvP reward system.

- Vote reward system.

- Olympiad period is 2 weeks and will be opened 6 hours from 18:00 to 00:00 server time (France)

- The olympiad will be closed during the last hour of the siege (first hour will be opened).

- 4 castles opened, 2 every weekend.


Concerning the buffs :

- Most of the buff, dance and song will be 3 hours.

- Buffs related to the summon such as cat buff will have the retail like duration



- NPC buffer will be available in town with the basic buffs and dance and song (by basic I mean the old Renewal ones, it will be very limited)

- A global gatekeeper system will be available.


Farming System :

- The S grade farming system will still be acquired in Imperial tomb through easier farming than on earlier server.

- Ancient adena need to be gathered to apply SA and unseal item

- The dynasty farming system will be located in two different area. The first one being the beginning of Hellbound island including the green spot. The second spot will be SoI opened as a standart area accessible via the global gateekeper.

- The vesper & Icarus will only be droped by bosses, however vesper armor can be acquired by farming in SoI area as well.

- The vesper & Icarus will be dropped through grand boss & as epic boss.

- The grand grand boss & epic boss will have customized drops as on the previous server. The random spawntime has been removed.


Bosses details :

- Bosses such as Barakiel, Ant queen will have their level boosted to 85 to avoid curses. Ant queen will have boosted HP. Sames goes for zaken.

- Bosses in Varka, Ketra will have customized drops and will be available from live time.


Opening details :

- The following epic boss will be killed 1 hour before the server goes live : Valakas, Antharas, Baium, Ant queen.

- Bosses will respawn then according to their respawn time tables. The other bosses will be live.

- Olympiad will be opened from the very begining.

- The server will go live the 15th of August at 16:00 France time.


The list of bosses & spawntime & custom drops will be posted by next weekend.


Donation :


- Nobless

- Subclass quest

- Other item not affecting the gameplay such as hats or exp stone can eventually be sold.

- The AIO preorder will be available 1 week before the opening.





You gonna notice AIO and think is L2J files, no is not is L2Off played on that server last year and files were same as back on RPG in Gracia Final.


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waste of time to start on that crap, when rpg will open new server in ~2 months and many top clans (like ROA from cadmus) will move there.

Rpg will remain first and best GF server.

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waste of time to start on that crap, when rpg will open new server in ~2 months and many top clans (like ROA from cadmus) will move there.

Rpg will remain first and best GF server.




People who like midrate pvp style will play here ,why u compare this server to l2 rpg club? they are from different worlds ,tottaly different servers (this server is not retail ,it have pvp features and its highrate almost so noone from here will choose to play l2 rpg low rate full retail with buffs 2 min) ...

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