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  1. advanced bot auto buff/farm/teleport/attack/target macro/click on go to village/etc :)
  2. suck me retarded romo go try some more - ,maybe ul get a promotion for being retard :))
  3. dont bother emo kids dont like peace they are just like vampires waiting for the ocassion to deal a blow but in this guy case ,hes failing in awesome way yet ,he takes forums so serious ,i feel pity on him
  4. Sorry for hurting your feelings you should stop failing that much before you complain lol + i havent made any review on ur fail server since 1 week ago
  5. sup fan moderator ,umad? did i remind u of some tragic past of urs with donate and next day server fail ? gtfo retard ,dekarma more ,/likeigiveafuc.k emo boy go -20, i could not care less about ur tragic emo story, go cut ur veins now ,ty
  6. no trolling sir, i was seriouz :) :poker face: anti bot ftw, i didnt said anything we ppl with life can decide if to nolife on l2 or use bots that bypass antibot ,no problemo so dont worry :troll:
  7. at least he makes money unlike you retards emo who sit on chair playing l2 ,donate moar~~ ,server closes next day -> epic fail then cry to mom xDDDD
  8. gl waiting ur going to end D.I.S.S.A.P.O.I.N.T.E.D
  9. a ga.y friend? no thanks, we dont want to be like you + make other life's harder xD ,why make life harder to other ppl when ur life is so good already ,didnt got that haha "talking about bot" xaxa
  10. what is the fun to nolife on a shi.t dead game while u can drink a cup of juice ,watch tv ,go out with ur GF/friends while ur bot farming and when ur back ,ur pvping/oly ,the fun thing of the game? never understood why gms love antibots when it just make life easier ,maybe u want to make life harder of ur players? :D
  11. in few hours how to do it ,now to learn how to do everything in hex ,noob it means ur brain is slow if u cant learn in few hours
  12. olydbg ,yeah sorry ,its very similar to hexeditor and i wasnt /care enough ,stop acting like a hacker when ur not ahaha u can change l2 tower title and codes to make it undetectable by guard just like u can do against HACKSHIELD same shit, easy to do if you know how to work in it ,unfortunately i cant cuz im not interested enough otherwise i could learn in few hours how to do it
  13. you opened cheat engine and hex editor to look badass hacker? + you just use premium tower ,nothing special ah btw ,what amuse me at vogans is this quote "Remember that playing on L2 DEX isn't a right, is a priviledge!" How about ,the fact that players join your server gives you the priviledge to get "money"? :) 3 machines costs lot of money ,im sure they dont run with air