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  1. Hello, I would like to sell: Moirai hvy set Vesp duals +4 AA - 50 kk+- Adena 800kk+
  2. hellO WTS: YUL Archer [ HE ] [ 85 lv ] PA 1 month 50 kk adena / pm me ISS Enchanter [ BD 85 ] ~40 kk 120 Tod / dannemm@gmail.com Sigel Knight [ SK 86 70% ] PA 1 month 36 kk adena 12k mentee coins / szozda.k@gmail.com
  3. http://www.beyond.lt/features/ Platform We’re using retail L2OFF High Five chronicle files with all known bugs fixed and with all features working as they should. Our Lineage 2 server platform version is stated as final release – it has been used in live-state global servers in Korea and Russia with thousands players online. We also have very good protection system against 3rd party software (anti-bot) – if you’ll try to use any forbidden software during the game, make sure that you won’t start crying, because you’ll get instant PC ban. Protection system is based on your unique PC/laptop hardware ID, so changing your IP address won’t help to bypass the security system. We took care and about very strong protection against DDoS attacks. All our network channels are fully proxied and they have very fast inbound and outbound network speed. So you can be sure that you’re playing in the best protected and bug-free Lineage 2 international server! Features Totally classic and retail gameplay. Constant events and real-life prizes! No premium accounts, no autoloot, no custom modifications, etc. Very strong anti-DDoS ant anti-bot systems. Offline trade function – to save your computer’s health over the night :) Dual-box: you can connect up to 2 characters/accounts on 1 PC at the same time. Minimal donation possibilities: hats, agathions and few simple buff-potions and scrolls. Rates High Five server rates base is x7. But some of other server rates have been adjusted to match the best gameplay and they are: Adena/EXP/SP: amount х7 Seal stones: amount х7 Adena, Seal stones: chance 100% Drop: chance х5, amount х1 Spoil: chance х1, amount х5 Quest items: amount х5 (not for all quests – read below) Quest rewards: Exp х3, Adena х5 Raidboss drop: chance х5, amount х1, Adena х7 Epic drop: chance х1, amount х1, Adena х7 Knight Epaulette x3 Manor x2 Fishing x2 Materials for crafting: Drop – amount x2 Spoil – amount х5 Quest items drop amount – x5 for these quests: The Finest Food The Finest Ingredients – Part 1 The Finest Ingredients – Part 2 Alliance with Ketra Orcs Alliance with Varka Silenos War with Ketra Orcs War with Varka Silenos Relics of the old empire Gather the flames All other option rates are x1, if not described otherwise above. Hardware High Five x7 server Location: eastern Europe HP ProLiant DL360p Generation 8 CPU: 2x E5-2640 RAM: 128 GB HDD: 8x 256 GB SSD (Raid 10) Redundant 1 Gbit network Seperate backup server Sorry for double post ;x
  4. We are a Community which exists over 7 years Clan web site: http://www.teamzone.biz Clan played on most of major private servers which had big competition, Azure, RPG, DEX, etc Our Video section [ ofc not all videos there ] http://www.teamzone....6-video-section -We are searching for full Constant groups (contact me here on forum} or http://www.teamzone.biz in proper section. -We are looking ppl with fluent english & *TS 3 - working mic - a must *Knowledge about L2 [ zones, bosses locations, drops, spoils ] *high skill in pvp *mid+ PC *average online 8, 9 h + We are going to play on l2beyond.lt HI5 OFF Platform, check features on server site. Currently we are looking for active SWS BD. The best would be if u like to be sws , bd. We don't force anyone to play support. We are looking for CPs to deal with 7RB, epics
  5. ummm site says OFF and also admins confirmed OFF
  6. looks nice because he plays on high details XD is cancel nerfed like on few others pvp h5 servers ? eee max encht +10 max encht on oly + 16 ?
  7. wts: 11 LS 76 3 Mid LS 76 - Draco Bow [ no SA ] Soul separator [ no SA ] + 157 gem A Tallum hvy set unsealed DC R set unsealed Wizard Tear +9 +A - mats - MJ light set unsealed sealed MJ robe - 412 halisha marks 2 EWA - tts ring +3, 2x tts earring +3 [sealed] , tts ring +3 [sealed] ---missing neckl TTS---- pm here / skype nerv0vy
  8. hello wts MJ l set , MJ jewels set, Tallum hvy set +4 +3 AS+cd , Draco bow + f, HD + 9, TTS set + 3 cheap . pm on skype nerv0vy / or pm me here.
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