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  1. WTS: +5 Blessed Antharas Earring - 1200 euro +5 Blessed Valakas Necklace - 740 euro I Accept PayPal. Skype: endless596
  2. http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/79-previews-l2-private-servers/
  3. Hello. Guys i have for sell adena and acc with BP lvl 74 with all skills + 2 x rec earring tts 1 for ring and 1 neckl + karmian set. Adena for 0.4 euro and i have 50kk in stock. If you are intrested my skype is: shakall921 Cheers !
  4. Hi. Im looking for good clicker for bd. I need program that will click f1,f2,f3 every 2min and fallow one player. Thanks.
  5. Hello. I have for sell: ---------------------------- TH 60 lvl BD 65 lvl Adena ---------------------------- PayPal only.
  6. I love to hear that I'm scamed ppl. Give here proofs or shut the fuck up you idiot.
  7. Selling paused. Close this topic for now. Im too busy.
  8. who said that i develop this files ? I selling friend files, he got acces to sublimity extender source, he fixing bugs and implant new things. He is very busy in real life, i helping him with sales. Anyway he is offline from long time...
  9. Bump. I was busy. Now im back. Skype: Shakal692
  10. Hello. I have for sell cheap l2off gracia final pack + great dll. *************************************************************************** Extender Info: * PTS buggs Fixed * Packet Filter * Castle/Fortress/Clan Hall Sieges * Hell's Guardian PvP Event * Monthly PVP Reward System * Obscene Filter * Spawn Protection * Offline Shops * Great Stability * IOBuffer Fixed * ThreadPipe Fixed * New GM Commands * New Block Exp Option * Premium Service (like l2store) * Scheme Buffer ** NEW PERFECT ANTI BOT SYSTEM (client + server) ** ***********************