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interlude [L2J] * L2 DragonRider *


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Website :  L2DragonRider - WEBSITE ( will be avaible when server is online )

Forum : L2DragonRider - FORUM ( avaible )

Client : Interlude


Game Specifications:


1292641257_arrow-turn-000-left.pngRates: 5000x XP/SP, 5000x Adena


1292641257_arrow-turn-000-left.pngEnchant Rates: Chance with normal scrolls 50% - Chance with blessed scrolls 80% ( if you aren`t lucky, your gun goes back with two enchants ) - Safe: +3 - Maximum: +16.


1292641257_arrow-turn-000-left.pngThere is a system based armor penalty on armor penalty which means 'offensive characters' can't wear heavy armors.


1292641257_arrow-turn-000-left.pngWe offer a full working community board which means you will be able to view the top list of players, to view players stats, to announce or notice your clan with displayed messages or startup messages also you can save your memos and send e-mails to your game-friends also you can talk with your friend directly from community board.


1292641257_arrow-turn-000-left.pngAugmentation system is limited to two skill-buffs ( one active - one passive ) , and the chance to get a skill in the augmentation process is 20%.




Event Specifications:


1292641257_arrow-turn-000-left.pngQuiz it's an event based on an engine that generates random questions. In order to win your answer must be the first correct one, you have an aditional period of time (2 minutes) in which you can answer to the question.


1292641257_arrow-turn-000-left.pngTeam vs Team spawns 2 teams that will fight for the rewards. The teams are randomly made.


1292641257_arrow-turn-000-left.pngLast man standing it is about surviving. The last player wins the event.


1292641257_arrow-turn-000-left.pngDeath match kill your enemies and win the big prise. The best killer takes everything.


1292641257_arrow-turn-000-left.pngKing of the hill in order to earn points you have to conquer the giving-points zone. The team with the very most points wins the event.


1292641257_arrow-turn-000-left.pngSiege two teams are battling for the rewards. For attackers to win, they have to conquer the fortress by engraving the given skill. The only way that defenders can win is to hold up.




Events are automatically opened at every hour. Meanwhile, you can vote what event do you want from 'community board' at 'favourite' button .


Vote & Event reward specifications :


We have a special event & vote reward system which is based on event points respective vote points.


1292641257_arrow-turn-000-left.pngIf you play in server events, and you ( or your team ) win, you will get event points ( the points depends of the event ).


1292641257_arrow-turn-000-left.png With every 10 votes on HOPZONE, all online players will be automatically rewarded with one vote point.


1292641257_arrow-turn-000-left.pngIf you want to see or spend your points, you need to go in 'community board' and you must press on 'ADD. FAV button'.


1292641257_arrow-turn-000-left.pngDon't think that we forgot about dual-box. If you go in the event with dual-box or if you are online with many characters when vote reward is recived, you will get the points just on one character.



General informations:

1292641257_arrow-turn-000-left.pngOlympiad :

- Validation Period every 2 weeks.

- From 18:00 to 24:00 GMT +2.

- Hero weapons CAN NOT be enchanted.


1292641257_arrow-turn-000-left.pngNoblesse :

- You can earn noblesse by quest.

- Lunargent & Hellfire are in the shop.


1292641257_arrow-turn-000-left.pngSubclass :

- You DO NOT need quest.

- Up to 3 subclasses.

1292641257_arrow-turn-000-left.pngItems :

- We DO NOT have custom items.


I take responsibility to change this post when I want. It can be changed, so be careful.

PS : This is not my server. One good friend is the owner and I recommend to play on it.

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I hope and i know this won't be another lol interlude server.

I wish you good luck because you are a great person, and because i want this server to be one of the best around.

Good luck again!

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too bad that you don't have ddos protection and it will fail like the last one.

PS : This is not my server. One good friend is the owner and I recommend to play on it.


Next time, please open your eyes and read better !


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Still missing Blizzlike. (Hate ddos)


Oh :/ I thought you were the admin/developer. Too bad.


Anyway, good luck.


Same here ,addytzu is a smartass dev  8)

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