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  1. View File Lineage 2 Website Template PSD ]http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/4420/4tn2.png Submitter Sido Submitted 09/19/2013 Category Website Templates  
  2. 1. no one said the opposite . 2/3 ur server is using default configuration, that's not retail like. 4 doings changes just like that when your only 15 active players ask you not to, is not desperate? mkay 5 deleting posts in discord that only pointed on your mistakes or problems and blaming them for flame means respect to your players? 6 i never got warned. u just asked why i am not promoting the server anymore (which the answer was obvious, cuz i am not promoting a server u are killing) and my ban came after my last msg you see in that picture. At 9:09 AM "loki" presente
  3. Avoid to play on this server! I started playing here, did clan and tried to support all ppl that joined it. I promoted this server on many platforms and hoped to reach success. I put my words in some discussions about this server to try help it get out of their trouble. I received free vip on discord and in game for my help. Server had some strange configurations and we all reported that. The answer was that all configs are Retail like and we are the ones that dont know how retail work. But when server started to go down in
  4. Ce urat suna asta. Donator Member, cand eu n-am dat un leu =)
  5. They are locked in my basement!
  6. Awesome server and pretty nice community! We needed such server. Thank you
  7. Bad tongues say you can't answer properly on fb. Nowdays, if you are above 15yo, those are very cheap to cover. Sup @Trance ! Web related, if you need my help, let me know :)
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