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  1. can you stop edit it every day to stay top of the topic ...?
  2. oh ok ty for the fast answer, i'm really curious about all the change you're talking about :D
  3. Hello, new start? wipe? when? :)
  4. 90% of the main page is about donation??? really? it's a game don't think only about money..... you can put another thing in main page
  5. i stopped L2 for 3years... this will be my first server since this day... hope it will be fun :D
  6. The problem is, stalone don't understand than admin is not the one whopost on tales... This is from player... but for real tales sux , since the first week
  7. Ddos is not allow, but an L2 emulator is not too, so they can't talk xD
  8. how join if website is off? xD or it's my network ? if it's mine... anyone can give me link for download please ty ( a lotttt of edit :D) Ok website fixed ty :-) There is NO BOT PROTECTION / NO DDOS PROTECTION don't look at website with green light :D