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  1. BETA has officially started. Check out the website to connect. Lineage II Empire Website
  2. Not everyone wants to play quests, there are many quest-based servers available. And your obsession with my server is already annoying. No one is forcing you to play here or join here. Go play where you want. @Designatix I typed the content, it isn't copy pasted. As for the rest of the thread, mind cleaning up pointless comments?
  3. Not sure who you are. But thanks for the bump. Beta launches soon, be sure to be registered on forums to get updated when.
  4. It has been a long time coming and certainly Lineage II players are ready for a well developed mid-rate classic antharas server that feels and plays like a high rate server. As a result of meticulous work and attention to detail in preparing a retail classic antharas server Lineage II Empire is ready to provide the best classic antharas experience to all players. While Empire is almost 100% retail there are a few customizations to improve the gameplay and promote a more wholesome PvP experience without forcing players to focus solely on PvP. In addition to give it more of a high rate feel, certain retail features were disabled or removed completely. The most important and obvious changes are listed below however for a more in depth view into the server and its' many features, you should join the community. Server Rates EXP/SP 5x Adena 5x (Amount) Drop 1x Retail Features (Removed/Edited) Quests: All quests have been removed, classes are auto upgraded once you reach the proper level. Skill Learn: All skills are auto learn, the only skills that will require books are the divine inspiration buff slots. Crafting: Crafting has been removed, all items are purchasable in the merchant located in all the towns. Drops: All drops on all monsters have been removed, they only drop adena now. Only raidbosses have varying drops. Custom Features (Added) Currency: While the main currency remains adena, there are also 2 other currency items that are primarily related to the event system. The event medal and the glittering event medal. Cancel/Cancellation: Cancel will remove your buffs, however in 20 seconds the removed buffs will return automatically. Wedding System: Marry your favorite team mate and acquire the ability to teleport to them. Spree/Synergy System: Kill people and get rewarded for your brutality, and those that help you will receive synergy kills as well increasing their PvP points also. Unlocked Freight: Freight almost anything you want. Increased Mana Regeneration: No need to spam mana potions, your mana isn't infinite but it allows a fun experience with PvPing and raiding while keeping the game realistic. Anti-Bot/Anti-Dualbox: While the server uses smartguard to prevent most bots, specifically dualbox farming is prohibited by an additional custom system. You can still have multiple characters for trading/shopping etc. Aside from the mentioned features above, additionally changes were made to the following aspects of gameplay. Some aspects were not changed from retail but are listed for informational purposes. Buffs (Learn more) 20/12 buff/(dance + song) slots. (+4 divine inspiration slots making 24 buff slots) All buffs/(dance/song) duration 2 hours. Class self buffs do not take buff slots. Buffer NPC with scheme support. Enchants Safe +0 to +3, Max enchant +16. Enchant Rate 66% for all scrolls. Normal scrolls will crystallize the weapon. Blessed scrolls will set the item back to +0. Events (Learn more) TvT CTF DM DOM MassDom LMS Castle Siege Fortress Siege Skills Retail skills. Retail skill chances and rates. Merchant Shop AIO Shop Grades D-A weapons and armors available in the shop. Dyes/Scrolls/Consumables/Miscellaneous Items available in the shop.