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  1. when he loads the dll, the vga_base and vmm_base library's are to load but don't load in this shit. this is not coep and i don't know from who is this source. I find it searching for open source l2off interlude extenders. am i just trying to compile and add some feature and then share with community. In this link you can see all the code: thanks for help
  2. Hello guys. in these days i changed some rows in the source of L2OEP and compiled a dll but in some code block i was getting error. [...] extern "C" { s64 vga_base; s64 vmm_base; }; bool _ET_SUPPORT_CRACKED_ = false; void Initialize() { // Checking the Size of the Classes to make sure everything is Correct... if ( sizeof(CCreature) != 0x14E8 ) { MessageBox(NULL, "Bad CCreature Size...", "L2Extend Error :", 0); ExitProcess(1); } // Global Variables GlobalVars::Initialize(); WriteInstruction(0x643580, (s32)CGameEvents::AfterLoadData, 0, ASM_CALL); // Ugly!!! vga_base = (s64)LoadLibrary("%windir%\\system32\\vga.vxd"); vmm_base = (s64)LoadLibrary("%windir%\\system32\\vmm.vxd"); if(vga_base == NULL && vmm_base == NULL) { LoadLibrary("md0.mdl"); vga_base = (s64)LoadLibrary("md1.mdl"); vmm_base = (s64)LoadLibrary("md2.mdl"); _ET_SUPPORT_CRACKED_ = true; } if(vga_base == NULL || vmm_base == NULL) { MessageBox(NULL, "ETs extender not loaded!", "pdh.dll", 0); ExitProcess(0); } // CItem extension CGameFixes::Initialize(); // Sending settings to cached CRemoteSettings::Initialize(); [...] Hope someone more experienced than i can tell me how fix it. Thank you all
  3. Someone codded this to work with other toprank sites? if not i will try this ;)
  4. some things on interlude can be modified... the message of dungeon termination can be editable on ttfontinfo.ini other things like a appearence of menu bars and skill tiers is on L2ui_ch3 (i think so) but.. the font.. chat words and the nick font format you need made by yourself (editing the texture of L2Font-e.utx) couse is a Engine of linage influences on Text too. Att.
  5. i'm are looking for one good people that can share. if its impossible i'll made them.. then appear somenone looking for the scrips i'll share. thanks for you answer. help-me much (obviously that vanganth don't will give the pack to me)
  6. it seems that have mans in this forum and they don't want share. we don't want nothing more only Scripts. (to's pack)
  7. in theese times is hard to see a Hellbound server, avaliable i think, only the COEP (Open Source) i saw others before but dowload link was dead. :C
  8. any1 have source to GF dll's or one hellbound to share (not COEP) :D
  9. Can anyone re-share the 1.07 version or latest free version ?? if you do, i give thanks to you.