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  1. He found a file and I put it in the game The problem is that it opens the game and requires a regular login like any other game Any idea?
  2. Can someone guide me how to create "L2 Dev Mode For High-Five"
  3. I have some experience, some experience, but the problem is in the budget, so if there is any good thing I hope to take a look
  4. Hi I want a well-known request from the site members. I hope to get some answers on my questions First, I want to create my own "H5" version server I found some servers in some locations, but I heard that some of them might be messy and inconvenient to open a server I found someone to put a tip that you should start with "l2jserver", but the topic was closed in order for me to ask him so I wanted to ask for advice here Hope any good guidance I would be if someone left me a server with the source to start with, I would be very happy together knowing that I started using
  5. I hope he has the files, I will be happy
  6. Does one of you own these files or download them previously? I hope someone will raise it again I want to try it tight, it looks very beautiful I am using H5 server
  7. Can you explain the steps in a more detailed way, if a beginner in this field? I will be grateful if you give it to me. Thank you for your kindness
  8. I ran into a problem when I'm done If you have an idea please reply If the problem is due to the version of the jdk program that I use please leave me one that fits both files Thank you
  9. I found a program that helps in editing some types of files, not all files, but the way to edit them is very tight. This is the best thing. If someone wants to use it, I will leave the link for you to download it. The type of files you edit are: (Skillgrp.dat ,,, SkillName-e.dat ,,, SkillSoundgrp.dat) https://mega.nz/file/b4Fw3ZTJ#XS15ELgRHcEGfnrXLdEeSQahWGB81FTiTU2RYTE0_d4
  10. Hello members of Max I need help converting images that I can use on the H5 server Please give me the correct way to start, and I hope that the links to the helper programs invite me to do so. Please new links or one of you will upload them again because most of the links are unfortunately corrupted. Here is the link to the images I want to use. I put them with the extension: :( .png and .tga) Download Link : https://mega.nz/file/jlExSY5L#Fel-0MHQdD-0hQ7uKiyVFqCnX3O433UwRaS50IqBA0E ........................... th
  11. Hello I am facing a problem adding some things to the private server (PVP Zone - NPC Buff ......) Of course, I found her files here on the site, but when I follow the steps, I cannot find the correct path; Does every server have a private path or there is another reason I do not know. I hope for a reply anything useful, my servants are H5 .........................thank you
  12. Hello I am facing a problem adding some plugins to the server Like weapons or gowns The problem is, I am adding it exactly the correct way, but I cannot call it unless I change the (ID) an already existing item. Please reply please ........................thank you
  13. Can someone help me add NPC I hope for help, even with a video showing how to do it I would be grateful