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  1. Hello members of Max I need help converting images that I can use on the H5 server Please give me the correct way to start, and I hope that the links to the helper programs invite me to do so. Please new links or one of you will upload them again because most of the links are unfortunately corrupted. Here is the link to the images I want to use. I put them with the extension: :( .png and .tga) Download Link : ........................... thanks for your support
  2. Hello I am facing a problem adding some things to the private server (PVP Zone - NPC Buff ......) Of course, I found her files here on the site, but when I follow the steps, I cannot find the correct path; Does every server have a private path or there is another reason I do not know. I hope for a reply anything useful, my servants are H5 .........................thank you
  3. Hello I am facing a problem adding some plugins to the server Like weapons or gowns The problem is, I am adding it exactly the correct way, but I cannot call it unless I change the (ID) an already existing item. Please reply please ........................thank you
  4. Can someone help me add NPC I hope for help, even with a video showing how to do it I would be grateful
  5. Hello all I recently set up a private server and have received a lot of assistance from you especially @finn Today I have a problem When I want to add a new item to my server, I cannot call it even though I don’t know the reason. Perhaps the ID is a very large item. But when I change the items I added to an existing ID, I can call it Which means that my method of adding it is correct, but the problem is in calling it Hope to get some help on this topic -------------> Thank you By the way the H5 ver Discord : Ramzi#2016
  6. First, I want to thank you very much for raising my spirits a lot Can you send me any files and start creating a private server so that I can learn as you told me earlier Thank you very much I am completely new as I mentioned earlier if there is any video please tell me about it I would be happy if you add me a discord if I need any necessary help discord : Ramzi#2016
  7. do you can sand my any of these files of scripts thex deud XD
  8. Hello all I want to open a private server Can I get some help on this I hope I can get some Files and videos to help create a private server This is my first time in creating a server, so I am completely new to this topic, in which any help will be very useful to me Thank you
  9. You caught a lot of fish, but I did not get this substance. I don’t know if the percentage is weak or is made with the catch material.
  10. Can any of you help me with how to get these materials? There are other colors for them, but I don't know how to make them or where I come from. I hope for help because I need it very much in the server that is playing the game :) thank you
  11. May I ask you please How can I add the macro inventory feature to any interfaces I use for example DEADZ 2.4 I hope to get any help