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  1. @Sahar your website is not working, i can't download the patch. can you have a look please? ty
  2. what a beautiful server. too bad it has been opened with 0 advertising so nobody knew about it.. what a shame...
  3. Amazing work guys really. Its hard to find such a nice a hard working team that still care about the game. Can't wait to play again on Inera.
  4. is this international or just russian community?
  5. Inera is back, making L2 Great Again! looking forward to this season guys, can't wait!
  6. failed grand opening. nothing surprising aftre taking a look on the donation list. cheap server made by a bunch of dudes seelking some easy money. nice fail, opened 5 minutes after the opening hour, and getting disconnects every second. good ddos protection :) another day another fail
  7. Can you link me the donation list? Couldn't find it anywhere.
  8. Wasn't this opened 1 week ago? xD and then closed because some randoms who were gms friends got items ? wtf
  9. mate i've used 430 top lifestones and not even 1 passive augment. doesnt matter which one, not even one, just Actives and Chance augments. its clearly edited, u can tell me whatever u want. cheers
  10. also, on this lolserver, you can't get any passive augment, u have to buy it with donation coins. spend 430 top grade lifestones yesterday, and all i got was active or chance augments. how desperate do u have to be to remove a feauture of the game just to get more money? ridiculous
  11. i'm sure they will do good even though you dont join the server. cya