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  1. Very nice server but i dont like gracia ;//
  2. Lineage 2 - Gracia Final Gameplay i like it !
  3. only kill rb xDD better movie is l2 hero ;)
  4. bishop with argumentation stone or phenix knight with argumentation CP regeneration ;DD
  5. hi ... i'm looking for any bot for server www.l2-existence.com If somebody know any bots to this server please write any and give discritpion how they work x]] Thanks a lot .
  6. this bug is working in l2 interlude ? (l2j and l2 off) ?
  7. Here's another bug that's been fixed on some servers, but it's still widely used on a lot of servers. The LifeStone Exploit is really simple, just follow the steps bellow: 1 - Obviously you will need a LifeStone first, get a good one! 2 - Go to the blacksmith and make the augment BUT, don't press the button to complete the augment, just prepare everything. 3 - Now you have two ways of completing the exploit: - Go to your warehouse, deposit the LifeStone and then return to the Blacksmith and press OK to finish the Augmentation. - Summon a pet, if you have one, and trade hi
  8. Here i get a new phx for gracia client ! I check this every think is working ... No more errors x] Download HERE : http://depositfiles.com/en/files/u6sngm4wd please move topick to english selection ( sorry)
  9. i mean like make weypon or some think like create EAWS etc.... what ever somethink like i can get some money x]
  10. can we create special items ? or like make //res my self ? etc ? someone now more option with phx ?
  11. for server cs crash 100 is too much
  12. they are just good ... best players are playing lan champions so they can't cheat
  13. no recoil bh esp box esp name esp weypon esp distance Working on Cs 1.6 steam and non steam ! [Here is my upload] : http://teamspeak.multigaming.pl/elc2.rar ] If somethink will be not work tell me then i will fix this cuz this is my ftp ;)
  14. Proofens for CSS Features: Aimbot- Draw Aimspot Target By FOV Target By Distance Aimkey 1-5 Aimthru on mouse1 Autowall Auto shoot Correct Recoil Player Perspective[ESP]- Triggerbot Radar Hack Healthbars Optical PlayerInfo NoFlash/Smoke Crosshair Visuals- D Lights Wireframe Weapons no-sky no-hands Show Aim FOV ASUS Wallhack WallColor Skinhack AntiAim- On/off Misc- b-hop - ( u dont understand scripts ? now u have bh in cheat :D ) Rapid Pistol Round say ( Reads " Get cheats from Maxcheaters.com) radio say