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    Samadielka is God? O.o
  1. Yes, but they have where to play. Were can you find new il players? :)
  2. Do as i do, i make makro on my box support, 6 time to pickup and delay 1 sec :D and what i do is fast change window and click makro, and hes picking it up. And if you whant to make all drop in one place, if you kill at range it easy hit mob ant wait untel he comes close inuf, and if u meele range wel im never mele range so u figure it out by your self.
  3. Spirito, You cant just ask ppl what do you think about x45-x50 server. If you want good server, first you need alot of ppl, cause c6 is prity doomed right now. Its hard to pull ppl to your server. My opinion you need to find out how to get more and more players :) and when you get them. You can manipulate them. There are alot of crappy servers like x50. And in my opinion only crappy ppl ar gathering there. I dont know if im correct, but you need as low rates as you can get, but those rates have to get ppl to your server, Not crappy ones, they change server every day. You need cla
  4. maybe he didint write only in this forum :p muahaha
  5. damn if it wouldnt be x8 our clan would come :p but they afraid of low rates.
  6. so its x8? how much online will be there?
  7. hey i didint use walker along time now. can you tel me with version for c6 is now? or something like that ;]
  8. well i like these to but, i dont like that they all look the same, i like when i can understand from what this bacrground is made of :)