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  1. I hired l2jguard a few months ago and the truth is that it is very bad in everything, in the attention, in the operation and besides they do not pay attention to the clients, I have many problems with them and they do not even talk to me, I do not recommend this system at all , you will only have problems, of all kinds, of double box, protection and above all a bad after-sales service, never any company seemed so negligent in this and many other aspects. Every question I ask, takes weeks to answer and zero effectiveness.
  2. Thrusted !! for Nice Code! Fast implement! Fast Response in time! Very very cool mod! Good Dev
  3. cheewe


    Lineage 2 Aura Interlude www.l2aura.es Lanzamos la BETA del servidor, estara operativa hasta el dia 2 de marzo, puedes crear tu cuenta, y probar el servidor desde ahora mismo! FECHA OFICIAL DE APERTURA: 2 DE MARZO 2019 A LAS 20:00 HORA ESPAÑOLA RATES EXP 2x SP 2x Adena 2x Party EXP 1,5x Party SP 1,5x Drop 2x Spoil 2x Quest 2x Raids 1x Mascotas 2x Si Eater 1x ENCANTAMIENTOS Encantamiento seguro +3 Encatamiento máximo +16 FUNCIONES Quest de cambio de clase: Las quest hay que hacerlas todas, no se pueden comprar. Tiendas Offline: Puedes
  4. Hi and thx but how inser my server here return String.format("https://api.l2topzone.com/v1/vote?token=%s&ip=%s", getApiKey(), player.getIpAddress()); thx in advance!
  5. hi sweet! xd i need a proxy for argentina, my server is in spain, and players from argentina have lag do you know Sweet how can i get a proxy for my server? thxxxxx
  6. Perfect Thanks!! its works thank you!!!
  7. Hi, i have a server for dev, in local mode no public, and i cant connect with other pc to the server, login ok and no error, but the problem is selecting server, seems ok but i clic on intro server and nothings appears, and no cosole errors. any one can help me?
  8. mcaffy backdoor detect, dangerous files?