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  1. I hired l2jguard a few months ago and the truth is that it is very bad in everything, in the attention, in the operation and besides they do not pay attention to the clients, I have many problems with them and they do not even talk to me, I do not recommend this system at all , you will only have problems, of all kinds, of double box, protection and above all a bad after-sales service, never any company seemed so negligent in this and many other aspects. Every question I ask, takes weeks to answer and zero effectiveness.
  2. Thrusted !! for Nice Code! Fast implement! Fast Response in time! Very very cool mod! Good Dev
  3. Any one Know this error? 12/13/2016 15:47:37.969, [.\NpcSocket.cpp][1202] Not a cached buy-sell list[1631287984] in l2server console. thx in advance, and sorry for my english!