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  1. Sorry, i dont have patch with normal letters, i try'ed make for self normal C1 font but give up after same type problem like in you questions, but I thought problem in LargeFont-e and SmallFont-e, maybe you can solve this problems for another way.
  2. Problem in systextures/l2font-e.utx try change alpha channels (in photoshop with dds plugin) in LargeFont-e and SmallFont-e make more thinner alpha channel around each letter.
  3. Cradlle of my L2 :) From C1 to Gracia Final Alkar forever alive in our hearts!
  4. SGER@fjs Thank you! One of the bests mode for Interlude for my opinion!
  5. I know one man, who sold his soul for hydroblast from c1 to another chronicle :)
  6. Thanks for Fafurion. I wait him from c1 chronicle :)