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  1. server's growing day by day its a good chance for pride lovers.
  2. General Fixes -Titanium Armors/Weapons have their required materials reduced, however they now require Vesper Items as well. -Moved skills Transfer Pain, Soul Cry and Soulguard to passives. -Added Festival Adena as a drop to Doomed Servant.
  3. nice staff ,helpful and trying to make best for the server recommended , it needs people tho.
  4. says 450 online , imagine dualboxes and stuff
  5. nicely done , but there are bots.
  6. we got all the items back plus some extras=))) great server tho :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  7. server failed after 5 days admin doesnt give a shit about players , he banned a side with 4 parties. no competition half and more of the community already left.
  8. meanwhile you've singed up your clan on forums =)
  9. dude please every1 knows this shit isnt real
  10. but mostly why are u advertising this project ? :S
  11. it's not decent but it's the only gold style that will re open nearly soon. www.l2avellan.com don't get your hopes up
  12. you make me laugh, every1 is botting you can check hellbound ( "My" whole clan was botting ) Bad updates, Buggy instances,Timers are bugged, .online shows 1.5k online you can only see couple ppl farming over hellbound / dvc nothing special(which they are bots), to make a party for instances it takes time cause no people online. Every day some1 is dropping his items on giran that means people leaving day by day but still "1.5k" online :D. Ill be glad if i see a good answer to this. Cheers! :)
  13. buggy server full of bots dunno what this guys talking about, probably his own bots ^^
  14. well atm the only server close to pride and it's probably gonna be good l2wargate.net but you can try l2titan.net tomorrow but low community imo