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  1. Hello i recently changed from ubuntu to windows hyper-v server 2012 r2 and i cant reach desktop/interface when i connect to the dedicated server via remote desktop connection im here can someone help me on the configuration ?
  2. [L2J] L2Honor&Pride

    thank you for your kind words, today we reached a new online record ! our changelog is still active and we focus on making the server more friendly to new players and clans. new players are able to get shadow dynasty +16 weapons&armors for free (7-day duration). also by tomorrow every single raid boss will have drops (minimum crp 890)
  3. [L2J] L2Honor&Pride

    Forgotten Temple will open its doors @ 28th ~17:00 and will stay available to the public during the weekend. Happy farming !
  4. [L2J] L2Honor&Pride

    We are growing day by day ! These are some screenshots from yesterday's events. Thank you all for participating. L2Honor-Pride.com
  5. [L2J] L2Honor&Pride

    we are glad you like our work and we continue to improve along with your requests. more changes: -Vesper Armor price reduced -Cemetery Party mobs (Horror Knights, Titanium Dread Knights, etc) amount of mats for each party member boosted -Icarus Weapons price -20% and are now available to buy +13 instead of +11 -Moved skill Shield Fortress to passives. -Fixed buff Chant of Awakening. Now it properly gives the attack speed bonus -Giant Undead Evil Fish respawn 30 minute > 10 minutes. -Kamaloka PvP Requirement to 50 > 20 -DVC PvP Requirement 100 > 50 ======================== -Vote Reward System: A reward chest is now given every 5 votes instead of flat silvers -Changed Skills: Spirit of the Cat, Spirit of the Demon, Spirit of the Unicorn. They now transform you into a damage dealer but decrease your defensive stats -Dynasty Jewel bonus stats now work correctly when all parts are +17 -Auto skill enchant will no longer work on Top tier summons -Demon Knights will now drop Titanium ores and Blue eva at 100% chance. Silvers drop removed
  6. [L2J] L2Honor&Pride

    thank you guys for the kind words. here is our last beta changelog: -Changed Anakazel drops: Increased BEAS drop rate, added a generous amount of silver per party member, added Elemental Crystal Pack, removed Life stone. -Fixed skill Agression. Expose enchant option now works properly -Moved skill Fast Shot (Tricksters) to passives. -Decreased S-Rare Weapons/S-80 Rare Weapons prices. They now require 50 S Tokens/70 S80 Tokens respectively. -Decreased CTF and TvT running times to 15 from 20. -Added visual support on Poisonus Burp (Boss skill). -Increased S-Rare/S80-Rare Weapon pack bonus enchant chances. We are officially ONLINE you can find our new system here ==================================================== taking into consideration community's requests we made the farm easier for the starting gear - lowered by A LOT the price of forgotten scrolls - lowered the price of attr stones - lowered the price of dynasty jewel set - fixed required item for clan skills - Judgement hound >> added icarus +17, increased silver ore rate and silver amount - Archer of Despair >> added dynasty +20, increased silver ore rate and silver amount - Glabrezu >> increased blue eva amount, silver ore rate and silver amount - Doomed Servant >> increased silver ore rate and silver amount - auto event reuse time increased
  7. [L2J] L2Honor&Pride

    thanks !! we will do our best to create the best pride-like server for the community.
  8. [L2J] L2Honor&Pride

    Beta in ON !! link >> patch dont hestitate contacting us ingame or on facebook/skype. ============================================== 12/10/2017 -Changed Horror Knight Blue Eva drop quantity (Now drops 200-240 BE X5 Party Members). -Changed Cave of Trials after death spawn point to Gludin instead of Orc Village. -Removed some useless items from cubic shop - Potion section. -Added S grade items without SA at cubic shop as a material for rare weapons -Changed Farcaster - Now does not increase range with Seal of Ruler skill. 11/10/2017 -Change Password now works on cubic. -Increased Assist PvP chance for healers from 24% to 40%. -Fixed a major instance bug. Now you can't invite players if you are inside an instance and they are not. -Seal of Ruler Casting range is now divided by 3. No more farcaster bug abuses! -Fixed some item descriptions (Festival Adenas, Silvers).
  9. [L2J] L2Honor&Pride

    Hello MxC community, We are an experienced team willing to provide the best pride-like project. L2Honor&Pride is a custom pvp server running on Gracia Final client. = OPENING 14 OCTOBER 2017 18:00 = = BETA 10 OCTOBER 2017 16:00 = Basic Features Starting Level: 80 | Max Level: 95 Clan Starting Level: 5 | Max Clans per Alliance: 2 EXP: x9300 Max enchant: +25 Custom pve content Custom Items Custom skills Rebirth system PvP reward system Improved support classes Automated events and much-much more !! More details can be found here Website Facebook Skype (live:l2honorandpride)