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  1. Selling the following characters on the Valhalla Age server. TYR 68 - Tallum hvy set +4+3+3+3, Blood Tornado Focus +5 , Bo Jwls +3, OLY frintezza necklace, Premium Account, club card, Legendary cloak, mithril Belt +3. BD 59 - BW Hvy set +3, Tsuguri*Tsuguri Duals. SWS 59 - BW hvy set +3, Tsuguri*Tsuguri Duals. WC 59 - BW robe set. PM Discord for details Fonnz#2231.
  2. Honestly, I'm still waiting for a decent, cosmetic+QoL donation only, low rate Classic server. The official servers suck ass, and there's a good amount of players looking for a good project to invest some time in. Classic.club is still going strong even after all these years and they manage to keep people while still only having 2.0 patch. This does look a bit different then all the other cookie-cutter x15 classic servers. But honestly, after logging in and seeing how many game breaking bugs exist in your files, I don't know how you plan to deliver a good server in 3 weeks.
  3. Depends on the captcha, but you can write adrenaline scripts that can pass captcha checks.
  4. Any more news from this project?
  5. It's really interesting to see another project in the bot scene of L2. I'll be keeping an eye on this!
  6. Yes, I don't care about you guys PKing everybody. I just find it really fucking funny to see you claim to "hate" bots when all of the adena you generate and sell is through bot parties farming necro 24/7.
  7. Gahahahhahaha, Pufa saying they hate bot parties when the entire high and low level necropolis are full of Dota bot groups. Keep buying from this idiot, he's the same guy who will come pk your lvl 30 character with his lvl 79 ponies for a lvl 36 raid and then come back and sell you adena cause he doesn't let you generate it yourself. 10/10 mafia tactics.
  8. Another great and fast trade! Awesome seller, recommended!
  9. Very fast transaction. A good business man, recommended.
  10. This definitely sounds very interesting, but having not played the original server you mentioned, I'd have to play it for myself in order to really decide on if I'll stay on it or not. Sounds good on paper, though.
  11. This server looks nice, I'll be giving this a shot.
  12. Another very fast transaction, highly recommended!
  13. Once again, another very fast and secure transaction. And once again he gave me some free gifts! Amazing seller, highly recommended!!