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  1. create a more professional forum and advertise server before it's too late.I will join for some olympiads,i hope you'll have enough online to register and play :)
  2. It was gonna be fantastic pvp project if it was not all about money,i hope it will turn better in the future by reducing some donation features.
  3. I like your clan,have met you before in other servers,i am intersted join you if play low/mid rates,accept me in skype so we can keep contact,thanks :)
  4. do not add nothing,just leave botters play,if you add a good antibot server will empty slowly on daly basis..
  5. whats the point to even bot.I give this max 1 week,admin wannabe millionaire and dreams of 5k ppl.
  6. even my pets use one,every server got are full of bots so what?
  7. how can you ask for such a guide in 2017? //FACEPALM
  8. another guy who dreams of a 5k players project,with mucho donationes$$$ and have his corrupted player pking ppls.same mid rate server like all nothing special at all gg FAIL
  9. balance never existed in lineage.people who spent infinite time in official servers will understand me.period.
  10. adidaskipowaki top topic spamki gg