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  1. I'm selling my duelist on l2dragon ***Informations about my char*** Elegia H set +8 full att Vesper Noble Found +6/5 almost full att PvP Skill Attack belt cp shirt tezza/vorpal/elegia/zaken accessories 1 pair vesper dual found +4 str +1 300fire 1pair vesper dual found 300wind 1pair (pvp) Periel duals +7 300fire with str +1 All Skills active and passive +30 Cloak of hero (Black) 65bilion adena inventory with alot of bews beas ews eas Noblesse 200 donation pounds in inventory PM here with offers
  2. You can get life stones & books with farm items
  3. Im Working on Forum, awesome i'll see you there
  4. Fresh Start. In order to avoid some bugs we made a lot of changes we fixed a lot of things and L2 Rebirth is going to re-open completely different and UNIQUE game style like no other pvp server around -General- -Starting lvl 80- -Custom Starting Zone- -Free Noblesse- -Custom PvP Areas- -Farm Areas- -Vote reward system- -Olympiad 100%- -Retail Siege Giran Only for more action- -Buff slots: 56- -Fully working skills- -Working Clan Halls- -100% retail gameplay- -Dualbox allowed- -Fllowles geodata & Pathnodes- -Balanced classes- -100% Uptime- -Max subclasses 3- -Max alliance