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  1. Private Server Rules (Add your server) WARNING: Topics without proper information, wrong tags or off topic natures will be Junked. Before create a topic make sure: You choose your server prefixe chronicle like the photo bellow. Your topic include the type of your server like: [L2OFF] or [L2J] NO INFO LIKE: Rates - L2 Lulz x9999 Server Site Link - l2lulz.ucoz.com Grand opening day - L2 Lulz Grand Opening 1/1/3018 Custom items - L2 Lulz No custom General server information and everything else you think is necessary.
  2. you checked all possible buffers and none of them work? I recommend you not to open a server
  3. ??? all i said were true , so stfu random
  4. trash website no ssl dead discord dead forum , trash forum trash design no anti bot get 200 ppl on , give free itemka and we join