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  1. Yes i try anyway, but not get any solution, just say about my english, Thx , Gracias hombre
  2. Any now why i create my l2.exe with Ip, but when i start open windows and say in this windows look program for open L2.bin , and never open game?
  3. Have you any tutorial about this program, i search in google but nothing, if you now any , THx alot
  4. Nice Tool , but not found link for donwload, can you send please
  5. Hi guys , can any tellme how change this text in russian for english or image, when i enchant Stone on weapon get this messege on top char. Thx very much System Hi5
  6. Thx very much for your colaboration, I recomment L2-Scripts, Igor .
  7. l2.scripts can you send me system for helios please? I add to my skype : poleycabrera