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  1. Could you recommend me or refer me to an interface?
  2. Hello to everyone How can I skip this and exactly what protects the game from this possibility? Today i tried to make a program on c++ which works on every application except l2 of course. I'm just trying to do something which will keep my 'f2' down :D. At first I thought so the problem is maybe that I use -> HWND GameWindow = FindWindowA(0, "Lineage II"); but that's not the problem The server name is L2Massacre i didn't see any secures like GameGuard or SmartGuard but obviously there is. Can you advise me something?
  3. Hello, i'm searching designer(website templates, game interfaces). pm me
  4. doesn't work, do you read previus posts? @eressea These mine settings are disabled.
  5. no, i get message from windows "the implementation of this application is blocked by an administrator. For more information, contact the administrator".
  6. I say it not for the first time, my goals is source or cmd which can open l2.bin.
  7. Is there way to start .bin file ? Why i get everytime message with choosing application? I can only start l2_start.exe that calls l2.exe to start the game(l2.bin).Is there a way to run l2.bin file by command prompt or another program?
  8. l2.bin is running because I see it in task manager, the problem is that I don't get into the game
  9. @eressea Because my goals are differents. When i'm trying to open l2.bin with command prompt i get message with i need to choose application which i open the l2.bin it's not normal. Do you know another way to started l2.bin file?
  10. Hello, i tried to use the code of Zoey76 on c++ which application for purpose is to open l2.bin.using that IP parameter in the shellexecute won't work at all, at least not when I'm using L2.exe in the command. using L2.bin I'm always prompted to choose an application to open it with #define _WIN32_WINNT _WIN32_WINNT_WINXP #define NOMINMAX #include <iostream> #include <windows.h> #include <cstdlib> using namespace std; // Start L2 as .bin with IP as parameter. // You can use IP or DNS as IP parameter. // You could include other parameters. /
  11. WTS Yul archer 87 dark elf on core 20$ paypal pm me here or on skype
  12. Im selling Yul archer lv86/30% with items full vitality offer me on pm