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  1. He has an account here? If yes post his account and the proper proofs as well here. /Moved to the proper section!
  2. Hello everyone. I would like to introduce you my services! Design Services i can provide: Logo Designs. Banner Designs. (Animated or Static). Facebook Designs. (Cover, Page Picture, Advertise Images, etc). Advertise Poster. Any other Design you would like, you can contact me and discuss about it. Website Services i can provide: Brand New Website Design. (PSD Only. You can pay extra for a coded version if you don't have your own coder). Customize and Re-Design your old template or a template you like to your needs. Forum Services i can provide: Forum Theme. (Based on existing themes). Forum Build. Includes installation, boards, customization, etc. Forum Membergroup Rank Images. Lineage 2 Services i can provide: Splash Screens. Loading Screen. NPCs & Community Board Logos and Buttons. Community Board HTML Designs. How to Contact Me: You can contact me here via PM. You can contact me on skype id: psyancy.psychedelic (Make sure you add the correct skype id). Previews of my works: (My old designs, will be updated with new soon). Logos Banners Misc Designs Splash Screens Facebook Covers Forum Membergroup Icons Pricing Table: Banners Starting Price: 5 EUR*. Facebook Bundle (Cover + Profile Picture): 10 EUR. Splash Screens Bundle (11 Differente Designs): 25 EUR. Splash Screens (11 Splashes, Same Design): 10 EUR. Loading Screen: 10 EUR. Logos & Buttons Bundle (1 Logo + 3 Set of Buttons): 15 EUR. Website Starting Price: 30 EUR. Forum Theme Starting Price: 25 EUR. *Banners price depends on the size, style and its content. Discounts: 10% Discount for VIP Members. 5% Discount for Donator Members. Discount based on the amount of services.
  3. oti pisteueis oti kapoios tha niwthei afentiko an kanei warning me kseperna. me exeis mperdepsei me ton Zake h pisteueis oti oloi skeftonte me tin diki su logiki..
  4. @Celestine You have links to update the current ones buddy? These are dead. p.s. don't upload them in zippyshare, they delete files after some time
  5. Φοβάμαι μην με διώξει
  6. From an old topic i've seen that it was related to this config gameserver/config/idfactory.properties # Tell server which IDFactory Class to use # Options are: # Compaction (Original method), # BitSet (One non compaction method - default), # Stack (Another non compaction method) IDFactory = BitSet # Check for bad ids in the database on server boot up # Much faster load time without it, but may cause problems BadIdChecking = True
  7. tha to scammareis k auto meta dn leei
  8. Looks like that yeah. also in 2k19 who will run a decent server from a home pc? xD
  9. Prefix changed. And don't spam again next time will be 1 week chat ban.
  10. rebuild your post. i can't understand anything here.
  11. Even tho it was your mistake he should have refound the money back and then you could send him the amount of money you agreed. Also the fact that he told you to send him money in $ and then he told you he could not accept $ but only RUB it proves him untrusted. Therefore since this indeed count as scam and even if you take your money back (which i hope you do) his actions won't change and due to that, user is now perma banned. I won't risk put someone else in risk for a mistake lose his money.
  12. Title was against the rules that was wrong. I get it it's the first bloody classic server but it's still against the rules to type that, this is the reason i kept the [Bloody Classic] in your title.
  13. Edited your topic title. Read rules please next time!
  14. an den kanw lathos an exeis genika pvp reward to mono pou prepei na kaneis einai na vgaleis to check pou den kanei increase ta pvp count sto siege zone
  15. Keep discussions related to the topic. Clan wars can be made into spam topics or clan topics.
  16. yeah obviously bro, we just discuss here and i just told ya my opinion, maybe it's because i haven't played for a looong loong time, i just used to enjoy l2 with friends back then, the only bot we ever used was l2tower for auto cp/hp/mp xD obviously is not enough i know that, even if it is a help it's not something that will make you undieable or something ;p
  17. obviously it won't make you best player, but that's the point bro ;p using these you will never become better than you are right now, it's like you pick master yi in league and you have autoclicker for moving and doing q's xDD it won't make you win for sure, but still it will give you the advantage of doing something that maybe you can't with your own hands since you may late to do the spell, or missclick, or w/e you know what i mean
  18. xd i remember playing on a pvp h5 server we were the only clan not using bots and obviously the top clan just 1 party clan and no one could kills us, they even donated to kill us but still nope. when admin added bot protection against everything (most were using adrenaline with scripts for no backstap, etc back then) 5 clans left server xd Yeah.. There is no joy if you don't actually play the game!! it's not that, it's just destroys some features of l2, for example a never lose target "mod" on l2, will ruin mirage (if i remember the name properly) of Adventurer or the auras of mages, these are the "tools" of these classes to win fights, you take em away from them and you just destroyed them