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  1. εμενα το δικο μου κανει κατι κουλα ωρες ωρες δεν διαβαζει την σιμ, ουτε ενα χρονο δεν εχει κλεισει ακομα που το εχω -_- αφου ζει ακομα απο τις φρικες που τραβαει και δεν το εχω πεταξει απο το μπαλκονι καλα ειναι χαχαχαχα
  2. με την σειρα παμε; εγω εγω το 5 χαχαχχα και εμενα απο τυχη ζει ακομη
  3. I've been waiting for years for a good Gracia Epilogue server. I'll be there for sure! Thanks for bringing this chronicle back to life!
  4. It's just amazing <3 Thank you very very very much buddy, i love it :D
  5. I love it, make one for me as well to remind me old good times xDD
  6. Title updated. Read rules please next time before you make a topic if you don't want to lose it!
  7. Use the bump button to bring your topic up. Read rules!
  8. @deadhead send a screenshot with his skype id to check it out and also there is no video of you sending the money or a proof that you indeed send them other than an empty email from your side, i'm not saying you did not send them i'm just stating the facts.
  9. What do you expect from a share made back in 2k12? Back in 2k12 these would be awesome ;p
  10. No problem at all mate! Best of luck with your project.
  11. @PlayINERA your images on the first post are broken mate.
  12. Yeah i figure it out later ;p but still it should be fixed on English language at some point
  13. Is account panel a bit fcked up or it's just me? http://prntscr.com/o8d7vg
  14. I won't waste more time trying to explain to you i'm not an elephant when this is the only thing you can see. Like i said waiting for Maxtor's actions. Locked.
  15. I personally told you when this happened to post the proper proofs and you ignored me i warn everyone saying someone scammer and then there are no proofs posted. And again, i personally banned him and all staffers did ban him it was Maxtor's choice to let him be at the forum because he may change..
  16. The report was made at April and at April he was banned, the activity at sunday is because he just logged in lmao... Try to login with your banned account and you will see that it will show that your last activity was today.
  17. i banned both, pamela for his language and kara for the report. let's try again...
  18. i'm not covering his ass, i was the one that banned his main account here. I'm just leaving this to Maxtor.
  19. Bump replies are not allowed. You can ONLY use the Bump button if you want to bring your topic up.
  20. True. Also how did a captcha system destroyed your project as you mentioned since most of classes created were new i guess and some changes would apply to some already existing files, it's not like he deleted something.
  21. I cannot see any part of destroying your sources or what happened when you told him to join and help you, these are parts of the chat