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  1. let's work and stop of did make flooding the forum of the europeus! take embarrass, they don't are kids! Let's go work at latina american, here is house they and work! You not paid host to they to keep your bytes in conversation here. Let's come for go home!
  2. You are see because not can help with files free! Before would you want help? Now want you money? Contradiction! Clock not work free!
  3. Awesome your focus! This help me! Even your behavior is awesome.
  4. But I know where the problem is, you did not understand that they know English fluently, all the technology is in English. So they do not need to teach, eve in Latin America everyone is outdated. They will talk about binary if Brazilian does not know what a byte is and errors of translation where stay in this story? Sometimes they do not teach because it is unfeasible and they prefer ready or buy result. Here we not've no overview dimension. I've seen a lot of poste regarding binary empty. Example is the source you posted. Disassemble byte and teach us how to add and how to find them. The is only put search in google or simulate with exe add buffer small in memory e search her and after to apply in L2OFF LOL My speak "at true not have why nobody teach."->maybe in them country the government does not finance education % more is private? Your speak "I already help you" Help is equal Teach? oO we have something wrong here. What's name of this error? Manipulation of mind?
  5. leaves things roll and shows you how you can help and improve yourself as you can. Bye and thank you!
  6. guytis, you know it now, and you're intellectual bad also my king. You're judging according to your perspective of vision that can be wrong, as also right because everything is copy, more in the world does not work like that! How. How do you fund your studies with govern communism+help? And how do they fund? Understand?
  7. at true not have why nobody teach. You this nine years how to quoted, you this being hypocrite! There is a cost to study this, and someone has to pay your energy. I'm not going to pull yours bag because of you knowledge, I think it's already time for my opinion to enter in this game! Yes, there is a censorship on the part of some members, by ADM how more teaches better your forum so not've ideology by part of adm. Each protects his profession brother. Unfortunately guy you are being dumb. If you prefer, launch a Tutorial Module for us. Everyone knows what they need, Asmx86 x64 API Win. PE Format, SQL etc... Even later!
  8. Luck that no is complete. Anyway, I will not be able to do anything with it. This may be bad but may be good, the effect will only be discovered in the future. Many people go look for Master Toma ago from solutions. Thx
  9. This name and last It seems to be Brasileiro or portuguese. Here hell, you do not even trust your own shadow.