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  1. For example: try to lock time value in the server packet ClientSetTime (id = f2, highfive), but it's not best way.
  2. it's not Korean xD replace SmallFont-e.gly and LargeFont-e.gly. your current *.gly files is incorrect.
  3. I tried to use Chinese language in English HighFive client (patched for unicode), and got the same result as you (no text in game). Tried to change ingame font but got the same result too. I do not know why it is so :( Interface.u - it's archive with compiled scripts (you need to decompile it, and recompile after making changes). i don't hear about tools for classic client, that needed to modify interface.u. Interface.xdat - you can modify it with XdatEditor (by acmi) list of supported clients, other way - any HEX Editor, but it's not easy!
  4. Somewhere in the net was shared private tool L2ClientDat (written on java). Maybe it help you! I haven't this tool, and can't share it for you :(
  5. L2DisAsm can't parse classic DAT files :( Moreover, it can't parse lindvior files, without patched l2asm.exe and l2disasm.exe ... L2DisAsm is deprecated because it's not support many functions! Try to find another way to edit classic DAT files!
  6. this is the latest version of disasm, that i had downloaded from dstuff's site: l2asm-disasm_1.4.1 it's not patched! and may be not latest! virustotal
  7. if i am not mistaken, ncsoft uses this rsa key beginning from C4 chronicles :) all official servers use this key even in our time)
  8. if you want to edit scripts, textures, models, interface etc... search for relevant topics. this program used only for encrypt/decrypt lineage 2 files
  9. DAT file is not text file. DAT files after decrypting need to be parsed by third party tools (for example you can use l2disasm to convert decrypted DAT to readable text). i suppose it's possible, but i need information about 411 and other algorithms to implement it.
  10. Encoder/Decoder for Lineage 2 files. Supported file formats: bmp, dat, htm, ini, int, ogg, u*, xdat. Supported headers: 111, 120, 121, 211, 212, 413 (both keys NCSoft(decrypt only), DStuff(decrypt/encrypt)) i made it for myself, but now wants to share it :) tool works like l2encdec but not needed in action commands. it determines action automatically. Download: mxencdec Virustotal: virustotal If you found an error, please tell me about it, and i will fix it!
  11. Try to use this tool: mxencdec >>>virustotal<<< Just drag and drop BMP file on mxencdec.exe and it will be encrypted/decrypted automatically! File name must be final! (the 121 algorithm uses file name to generate crypt key) dec-sp_32b_01.bmp - not correct! sp_32b_01.bmp - correct!
  12. you can change button text in file sysstring-e.dat, line with ID=2257 (this ID for HighFive), button's URL in file l2.ini, section , line L2HomeURL=http://<your URL here>/
  13. you can use any updaters with any games. for example try to use LameUpdaterLT. it's stable and more customizable. (it allows to start games with any options [for example: l2.exe -IP=]. as well you can store start options in the server-side configuration file)
  14. i am author of this tool 8) i created this program "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...."
  15.!kCIS0JjK!CfaGt6G75LZZeegZhLudodfkuSu0gee6jcOaaM0KZWM now you can try to open it with L2FileEdit