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  1. @MasterToma how PHP dev can help u? :D
  2. The Sovereign (ENG Clan) - LF Members/Alliances
  3. L2OFF.GE - International PTS Gracia Epilogue Server Mid Rate x50 PVP-Craft server About the server: Our server is considered as for Party players as Solo players! Server will be an international type. We are doing our best for server and players to be the best, also our server is a classic style, without any custom weapon or armor or any other strange things. Our Team is concentrated to deliver for the players the best quality of the Gracia Epilogue, as it was created by NCSOFT. That’s why you cannot find anything modified by us and it is so as it was meant to be. Our server is based on Official Platform, which guarantees stabile functioning. We have Anti-bot system specially created for and also it will be controlled in game too. If you have not played on Official PTS platform before, you have opportunity to introduce yourself what we are talking about and what about is Official platform. We are representing PTS server of Gracia Epilogue, all skills are working as it should be on official platform and also many other details. L2OFF.GE - PTS server is offering our players complete classic server with original details, which had NCSOFT. On our server we have minimal donation system and also minimal changes, all changes we have made for our gamers. OBT Start - February 1, 20:00, 2018 (GMT+4), OBT End February 14, 20:00 Server Official Start - February 16, 2018, 20:00 (GMT+4) WEBSITE: L2OFF.GE FACEBOOK: L2OFF.GE FACEBOOK FORUM: L2OFF.GE FORUM DETAIL DESCRIPTION : X50 PTS EPILOGUE ABOUT OBT && OBT EVENTS : HERO EVENT CLAN BONUSES : READ TOPIC HERE EXPECTED ONLINE : 1000 + SERVER RATES : Exp: x50 SP: x50 Adena: x25 Drop: х20 Spoil: х15 Quest Reward: x3 - x6 Quest Items: x3 - x6 Epaulettes: x15 Seal Stones: x15 Raid Boss: х8 Will be there any events during the OBT? YES! During the OBT Olympiad will be activated, also you can buy sub class and nobless too, which will allow you to participate in the Olympiad. Olympiad duration will be 1 week and will be held between 2-8 February, every one who will became hero during this period, will be rewarded with 500 L2OFF.GE Coin. This will also allow players to test olympiad system and make sure that everything is working properly. Event rules: • Matches will be held only in non-class. • Minimum required players are 5. • When you will become hero, you should register on our forum and make post with a hero character's photo, otherwise you will not get any rewards. You must post it in General Section. Will there be any other events on the server? We are planing other Encouraging events, Which will be known in recent days. Keep an eye on our forum to see all the news. We wish you a pleasant testing!
  4. hello i'm using GF PTS, i don't know if it's a noob question or not, but i have to ask :) i'm interested what item does premium pet consume? :? and is there anyway to change what item to consume, thanks beforehand.. Extender Myext64. Solved :) thanks for no answer :)
  5. hello i'm using GF PTS, i don't know if it's a noob question or not, but i have to ask :) i'm interested what item does premium pet consume? :? and is there anyway to change what item to consume, thanks beforehand.. EDIT. Sorry i posted in Geek Section, please delete post.
  6. for what chronicle is it? because Gracia Final Cashed refused it ... and emca is right u can send item with simple code of php by inserting item in sql server database, into user_premium_item. if player online it needs just to restart, but as emca said it needs some work to make vitamin manager work not only for premium users UPDATE. yes this works, but item add works only if character is offline, just need some work to make it work even if char is online
  7. do have premium server ? because "bidi1252" link is dead...
  8. lol no one helped me ) but i found solution :) topic can be closed. thx
  9. sorry, as i know i posted in "Lineage II Client Development" if i made mistake sorry about that, about game system that supports another language, it's already done.... i made already changes and client supports Georgian language. but in .dat files, if there are different simbols then English it's unsaveble... :( is there any help ? :? or any other way about that? See image:
  10. looking for .dat file editor that supports UTF-8 encoding, for example i want to translate some system messages from English to Georgian, but it fails on saving :) i even can't save Russian too.. so i'll be glad if someone helps in that, just need to save Georgian simbols in systemmsg-e.dat file... is there any .dat file editor that can save with different language?:? not English and not Russian.. or mb some other way to edit .dat files....
  11. what the problem? :( i made as was written here... can any one help ? :|