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  1. How the hell do not know server will reach such online?
  2. looking for Fresh blood
  3. I'm not the Owner of this server and i wanna refresh ads to bring new life to this server. the old ads was very poor so 1 made new one. If this is against rules i'm apologise for that and ask mod to move this to old topic and mayby upgrade old post SERVER HAS STARTED IN OCTOBER 2016 Web : http://www.l2polaris.com/ Forum : http://www.l2polaris.com/forum/index.php RATES: Exp: x7 Sp: x7 Adena: x7 Drop: x7 Quest exp: x5 Quest sp: x5 Quest adena: x7 Quest drop: x3 Spoil: x5 Manor: x5 Weight limit: x3 Extract Fish: x1 Server time +2 GTM ENCHANTS Safe Enchant +3 Max. Enchant +16 Normal Scroll chance 65% Blessed Scroll chance 75% Max donation enchant is +9 Yogi event enchant rate is 45% Enchant Chance Crystal Armor Olf 65% Elemental Max. Level Level 7 Elemental Stone chance 60% Elemental Crystal chance 55% SERVER CONFIGURATION: Server, Site and Forum Time GMT +2 Buffs, Dances, Songs Duration 1 hours Subclass no quest Max subclass: 3 Max subclass level: 82 Auto loot Offline trade Auto learn skills Vitality system Olympiad 2 week Reduce the minimum number of players to join the Olympiads at 9 Max olympiad enchant: +6 NPC scheme buffer Buffs: 24 Slots Dances/songs: 12 Slots Vote system All instance/quest work 100% Max DualBox clients/pc: 3 Olympiad clients/pc : 1 EVENTS Team vs. Team Last Man Standing Treasure Hunt Korean Style Capture the Flag Lucky Creatures RAIDS RESPAWN TIME Valakas 7 days Antharas 7 days Baium 48 hours Baylor 24 hours Beleth 48 hours Comunity Alt B Vote System Luxury Shop Buffer Administration: Admin Pacco
  4. So will be poll ? With suggestions for settings ? give it to me
  5. so x35 is not the end rate ? on open ? lf 7x-15x exp / no full buffer / d/s= 5min
  6. x35 exp O_o =\= long term
  8. i know it but i dont see option where i need edit to move is to there original position (left side/upper chat ) . i need to move it i have to small lcd :( and i use Vertical setting shortcuts and shortcuts obscures system damage
  9. promises to be a really good server
  10. Clan Freedom invites to server l2 Sphinx as well as the Clan Freedom 7 lvl Ch Goddard Castle schutgard ts3 exp boost from 40 - 60 exp boost from 60lvl-77 / rb / fortresses Clan screens Note Event for coming new Players Prediction new Vit does not reach the 40lvl you want to be a hero? he never been and want to hammer the server and fight for their Clan Invites Pl player or speaking Polish You do not play here? you do not want to play? do not engage and go yourself and keep yourself your digressions
  11. Admin is trying to do something for the improvement of the game and the longevity of the server. Have any evidence on sale? No. nonsense with her fingers to defame server because it has a ban good server .Faults are repaired. everyone will find their place Regards Dreyko of Freedom Clan