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  1. Venho ate vocês apresentar nosso projeto. L2-JDev Informações do Projeto Private L2JDev - Interlude XP 1x SP 1x ADENA 1x Bosses: Tanto os Raid quanto os Grand Bosses todos foram testados e estão funcionando. "Grand Bosses" Quest Retail. Siege: Todos os Castles funcionando normalmente e todas as funcionalidades 100%. "GuardSiege" Funcional. Siege Hall: Todos os Siege Hall estão funcionando como no L2OFF perfeitamente. Fortress: Funcionando como L2OFF perfeitamente. Olympiad: Retail completamente funcional. ServerSings: Sings e suas Ques
  2. I say I wanted to create a voicedcommand cache cleaner remove skill effects || this I already found methods remove effect soushot remove aura hero understand what I mean
  3. eu queria muito saber onde eu brincava com os efeitos dentro dos sedpackts
  4. hello everyone how can i just leave adena in auto lot ultilizo aCis 398 does anyone have this part of the code?
  5. thank you I saw you tomorrow tomorrow I will come back and from my UP vote
  6. I wish you the greatest support, this community here is very big and good. despite members with extreme arrogance. I say that I can work with only 2 bones and do "RAD" well done. Although sitting down able will give you trouble. haha or not
  7. Hello Elf, could you tell me how to get this private void in ACC 398. private void physicalAttack() { if (!(player.getTarget() instanceof Monster)) { return; } var target = (Monster) player.getTarget(); if (target.getCast().isCastingNow(player)) { if (GeoEngine.getInstance().canSeeTarget(player, target)) { if (player.getAI().getCurrentIntention().getType() != IntentionType.ACTIVE) player.getCast().isCastingNow(); } } else { player.sendPacket(ActionFailed.STATIC_PACKET); if (GeoEngine.getInstance().canSeeTarget(player, target))
  8. hello everyone, I've been looking for Commando to automatically get "AutoLoot" or in .menu or stat command.
  9. aCis 398 I don't find Olympiad Items and Block and Dual Box
  10. Hello, how are you. if i want to block some items in olympiad how would the right place be?
  11. Hello everyone. Well, previously he used Mobios and there he uses Java 14 in his projects. However when you save with "Ctrl + S" it removes unused items and adds the ones you would use if the call is correct. is there any way to configure if the imports come alone or and just using java 14 it already has this automatic tool. sorry for the translation you are the best
  12. In quotes let's say I get an aCis l2jserver and I want to add, this key system from l2jserver with, license. Is there any diff or Patch that is available? @Elfocrash @Elfocrash_old
  13. do any of you know where i can change the maximum amount of adena
  14. its programming language and very strong. Tell me how to contribute more?
  15. @Xtellia very good job I'm using Client interlude without problems. I know I was done for the newer chronicles, I redid the patch using your system even with protocol 216 and I managed to log in, I am very beautiful haha
  16. Ola seu Link encontra problema nas Key Reup Link Pliz ?
  17. can you break this?open sourcehttps://www.mediafire.com/file/5c7exmlrh1x8zbs/Dream-VIP-225M.7z/file
  18. can you break this? open source https://www.mediafire.com/file/5c7exmlrh1x8zbs/Dream-VIP-225M.7z/file
  19. could break again? https://www.mediafire.com/file/5c7exmlrh1x8zbs/Dream-VIP-225M.7z/file#!
  20. hello I'm new here, more I come to bring this engine Siege renewal Siege Renewal Leader / Member LeaderRewardsID = 0-0; MembersRewardsID = 0-0; https://pastebin.com/QUQ2RH0u L2j-One@Juvenil Amaro™
  21. Obrigado já avia conseguido antes da sua resposta quando vi o Codigo Killer pensei mesmo em colocar la mais aCis 384 Attackable.java