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  1. thing is in private servers you can do well (mostly) spending ten bucks or even less a month and that usually have a considerable impact on your gameplay (you can pay vip features or smthing that raises exp and farm now in the official, im pretty sure it gets a lot more expensive than that
  2. Hello, It's been a considerable time since I last played any server and I'd like to find one which I could be sure that wouldn't wipe any time soon. I've checked some older posts, like this one, so i could try to list all worth-trying-servers. I' ve extracted these two from the post linked just above. L2 Toxic L2 E-Global and I'd add one of my knowledge, L2 TNT, it is a brazilian server, relatively stable since 2007. I'd like some help to build such list, which server would you recommend ? thank you. edit1. well it seems that E-Global wiped just one week ago.