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  1. https://l2megaclassic.com/ grand opening March 19 2021 22:00 utc +0 (countdown cloack on website ) Expecience: 3x Skill Points: 4x Adena: 2x Drop: 1x Spoil Chance: 1x Spoil Amount: 1x Mana Regeneration: 4x Better Spellbooks drop A strong group is a full buff group! Better Proof of Blood drop Upgrade your clan and fight epic battles! Buff Time: 20 min Song/Dance Time: 5 min NO NPC Buff: Buy on Giran city from other players with Adena Dual-Box: 1 Only Debuffs Raid Boss: Use your debuffs in Raid Boss for better com
  2. L2 Lucid - Newest Low-Rate Craft PvP Server (Classic 2.9.5) Rising community of 3000+ players Nostalgic grind and pvp of true classic experience Bot Protection 100% Massive Clan Wars, Sieges, Epics. Craftable S grade and unique farm zones. Non-P2W shops, all farmable currencies! Join us now at www.l2lucid.com /https://discord.gg/Fa66uNX !!
  3. Hello guys 9/5 opened l2olympicgames classic server x7! sounds pretty interesting so check it out https://olympic-game.net/ Experience - x7 SP-x7 Drop Chance - x3 Shot chance - x3 Raid bosses chance - x2 (Attention boosts to experience and also PA do not work for raid bosses and epic bosses) Epic bosses chance - x1 (Attention boosts to experience and also PA do not work for raid bosses and epic bosses) Experience of Elements -x1 Increased drop books for learning skills of the second profession x3. Drop items when you die - Disabled Raise gain experience in PVE (ex
  4. https://teon-world.com/ https://forum.teon-world.com/ EXP - x3 | SP - x3 | Adena - x2 | Drop - x1 | Spoil - x1 | RB - x1 | Quest - x1. Chronicles: Classic 2.9.5. Type of game: Classic Low Rates. Additionally: The server has Auto Hunt. 1.2.3 Profession Profession is free. The number of windows from one computer - 4 All buffs for 120 Minutes Buff slot 36 Buff 24 slot Dance / Song 12 slot Buffs with higher stages will be added. Server Complex Lineage 2 Classic.Why our servers are the best:- 100% Implementati
  5. Hello guys 31 January Opens a good hi5 midrate srv worth to try it https://l2mutiny.com/ Exp/Sp: x15 Normal Enchant: 55% Bless Encahnt: 60% Adena: x10 Succses Rate: 40% Succses Rate: 30% Drop: x10 Save Enchant: +4 Max Enchant: +16 Spoil: x10 Quest Reward: x5 Epic RBJewel Drop: 1 Maximum Clients Per PC: 3 Buff Duration: 2 Hours Buff Slots: 24(+4Divine Inspiration) 12(Dance/Song) Raid Boss Pickup: Manual Skill Learn: Auto Loot: Auto Proffesion change: Auto/NPC for Adena Subclass: NPC ClassChange Mana Potion
  6. l2saga maximum 200 online true and u cant farm lair or fog with 2-3 box windows. random srv i got x15 fails in vesper few hours after opening bcoz i had more than 65 slots in inventory, didint realise how random srv pack has. is a piece of sh1t like other srvs
  7. anyways, can u guys stop fighting and saying something real about srv? i mean i joined , didint see online and left. how many online ?
  8. im gonna play there. seems good ;) i dont know how he made the farm area with S grd weps. sounds interesting have to try that on BETA i hope is gonna be balance, coz as far we all know classic is totally unbalance client only mages ... no tyrant no titans no gladis. just necro/da. Hope is gonna be nice ! cant wait :*
  9. guys , just give a try to those new gm teams that show UP and mostly failed because of those (we know who ) people who always destroy the game that we wanna spend our free time. those GM's opens and reopens servers , corrupted giving items , and doing other more pathetic things that destroy this game. im gonna support new servers with new GM teams like this l2gameofthrones seems interesting and not corrupted. never gonna go again after my last server to this l2lionna,tales,bla bla bla servers who open and reopen . +1 from me to this new server.
  10. you guys played maybe on those l2zaken and l2lionna unbalance servers, who u can anyone see GLADI/tyrant/dagger doing 500 dmg to mages . and mages 5k doesnt matter what rings u got. just because Admins wanna make donations so they BOOST only char's like archer/mages for CPsetup's and nothing else. check official classic servers and u will see what's is balance. not like l2zaken classic that a mage with battlheal lvl 3 was doing 1500 hp per 1 sec.
  11. and im saying again... classic server with 80% enchant and 90% bless and u wanna freacking open it >
  12. this server seems pretty awesome . i hope there is no like the others l2lionna,era, andother sh1ts opens every week and ban me all the time because im handsome. good luck i try this one . seems best server eu
  13. Hello guys i was searching servers and i found a nice c4 x45 opens tommorow , so im gonna give a try seems pretty awesome and i would like to remember these glory days of cancel > sleep . BAM BAM BLYET! HAHAH :) server site > ---- http://es-l2.net/about server facebook > ------ https://www.facebook.com/EternalSinL2/ Primary Information Chronicles C4 Server Platform OFF(PTS) Location & Timezone London (UTC) Server Type
  14. normal enchant 80% blessed 90% and u want to open this server? seriosuly?