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  1. l2saga maximum 200 online true and u cant farm lair or fog with 2-3 box windows. random srv i got x15 fails in vesper few hours after opening bcoz i had more than 65 slots in inventory, didint realise how random srv pack has. is a piece of sh1t like other srvs
  2. anyways, can u guys stop fighting and saying something real about srv? i mean i joined , didint see online and left. how many online ?
  3. im gonna play there. seems good ;) i dont know how he made the farm area with S grd weps. sounds interesting have to try that on BETA i hope is gonna be balance, coz as far we all know classic is totally unbalance client only mages ... no tyrant no titans no gladis. just necro/da. Hope is gonna be nice ! cant wait :*
  4. guys , just give a try to those new gm teams that show UP and mostly failed because of those (we know who ) people who always destroy the game that we wanna spend our free time. those GM's opens and reopens servers , corrupted giving items , and doing other more pathetic things that destroy this game. im gonna support new servers with new GM teams like this l2gameofthrones seems interesting and not corrupted. never gonna go again after my last server to this l2lionna,tales,bla bla bla servers who open and reopen . +1 from me to this new server. in official classic servers, everybody can see the different of playing official and private in every private server that opened untill now, ONly CPsetup chars has the top damage all the rest are unbalance as hell. gladi/tyrant/dagger can be create in official even for those Adena sellers/item sellers from companies and they do Damage and all skills works as they suppost . in private server you see GLADi with damascus damascus hiting 500 damage to 7k HP necro. (not possible killing him even in 1 year hiting nonstop ) and then necro just use f1 and u get 2k dmg no matter what jewels u got. that makes me sick. Just see videos on youtube about official like GrandKain or other classic servers and test those guys on videos . see the damage , see the skills . then come back to this topic and you can speak again for private classic servers. its a game and we have to Enjoy it. When i see kind of broken servers open and reopen. and when u wanna try it again ( because they know when they will open a new server, when noone else is on ) and u login and you see like 42304020 damage from a character that in 20 years of Lineage II can't kill yours' ya dude.. i wanna break my computer in your head. and then punch u with the broken pieces of it
  5. you guys played maybe on those l2zaken and l2lionna unbalance servers, who u can anyone see GLADI/tyrant/dagger doing 500 dmg to mages . and mages 5k doesnt matter what rings u got. just because Admins wanna make donations so they BOOST only char's like archer/mages for CPsetup's and nothing else. check official classic servers and u will see what's is balance. not like l2zaken classic that a mage with battlheal lvl 3 was doing 1500 hp per 1 sec.
  6. and im saying again... classic server with 80% enchant and 90% bless and u wanna freacking open it >
  7. this server seems pretty awesome . i hope there is no like the others l2lionna,era, andother sh1ts opens every week and ban me all the time because im handsome. good luck i try this one . seems best server eu
  8. Hello guys i was searching servers and i found a nice c4 x45 opens tommorow , so im gonna give a try seems pretty awesome and i would like to remember these glory days of cancel > sleep . BAM BAM BLYET! HAHAH :) server site > ---- server facebook > ------ Primary Information Chronicles C4 Server Platform OFF(PTS) Location & Timezone London (UTC) Server Type PVE/PVP/FARM Skill System C4 <> C5 Experience Rate X45 Skill Points Rate X60 Adena Drop Rate X200 Item Drop Rate X3 Spoil Rate X2 » Secondary Information Enchant System Hard AIO Buff Status Included Automated Event TvT Auto Potions Included Auto Loot Disabled Maximum Level 78 Subclass Status Shortened Quest Noblesse Status Quest Only Newbie Limited Buffer Included Enchanting +3S / A12 / W20
  9. normal enchant 80% blessed 90% and u want to open this server? seriosuly?
  10. i dont understand a word about what y saying, but actually i dont care. coz MENS that looking my photo they r ... u know :D not "mens " but i can't think something else, than l2imaginations grandopening in 7 hours and 11 mins! so u can rest in peace. drop dead.
  11. l2imaginations is the best!!!!!!!!!! i can't imagine playing l2imaginations in 7 hours and 27 mins omg! i have to sleep so i can be able to No-life at night.
  12. No need Good luck Mister Bladeof, coz im gonna log this server because is the most Overpower server my beautiful eyes has ever see... so PEOPLE LOG-IN L2IMAGINATIONS IS THE BEST SERVER IN EU/ AFRICA/ LATIN AMERICA, AND RUMORS SAY ALSO IN AUSTRALIA ( I DONT KNOW IF'IS TRUE ) BUT I THINK KANGAROO'S LIKES THIS SERVER AND THEY GONNA JUMB! ( U GET THE JOKE? :d )
  13. i saw at nights many people on beta argentinian/brazilians has a different time from us. they log at night