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  1. In the last few days, since server was accepted on Topzone, server grow up and community it's really nice. Online count isn't really great, but last night it was 68 online. If you like you can join here, since most played for fun, there are only 2-3 S weapons on sv, nobody has Dynasty yet, so everyone has a chance to be the first. Even some players who left at some point, they got back, so no hate, who likes it, plays it. (i'm not the admin of the sv, i just play here)
  2. Nobody expected anything like you said. If you don't like it, just don't join :) No idea how people come to such conclusions..
  3. Server Platform: L2J Mobius Private Gracia Epilogue Low-ish Rate Server Server Timezone: Time (GMT +2) Rates: Experience (XP): x7 Skill Points (SP): x7 Drop (Adena): x4 Drop (Items): x4 chance, 1x amount Spoil: x4 chance, 1x amount Drop (Raidboss): x4 Drop (GrandBoss): x4 Drop (Grandboss Jewelry): x1 Quest reward XP/SP: x2 Quest reward (quest items): x2 Quest reward (mats): x2 Quest reward (adena): x2 Weight limit: x5 Custom NPC: Scheme buffer, 2h buffs (excluding pet and Dwarf buffs) GM Shop: B Grade, A Grade Armor Recs, FS with special adena from vote
  4. Well, thanks for your opinion. You don't see vesper ++ in sale etc, because there is only ~10 weapons more than +4, most of the players didn't even finished vesper noble, how it's suppose to sell items if there isn't yet on server? Maybe you are used with server where vesper is made if the first day of server, but not here, sorry. Drop/Spoil for blessed enchants it's really low, if you played. Ok isn't l2toxic, i don't even want to compare our server with one made by full time developers and a lot of money involved. I created a server to let players have some fun. You don't like it? Ok, than
  5. Also, if you will read, the shop is here, but we don't accept any donations. If you are happier, i will remove the shop. I know that you were last night online and shouted everywhere about donation shop, but you should give it a chance, or ask players, there were a few who asked for donations, but their request was declined. Thanks. Also, after one week, we passed 1400 chars, and record online is 632.
  6. Everyday we break a new record for online players. Try it and see by yourself. What we offer? : - No lag, - No donations, - Multiple events, - No bugs
  7. Server will be live in 1h. We wait for you to give it a chance.
  8. L2Staris http://l2starisreborn.eu Live on 26.01 20:00 GTM +2 L2 High Five Experience (EXP) : 15x Skill Points (SP) : 15x Adena : 15x Drop Items : 10x Quest Drop : 10x Quest Reward : 10x Spoil : 15x Manor : 2x Sub-Class Free without Quest Sub-Class Max. Level : 85 Class Master Off-line Shop mode Off-line Buffers mode Auto Learn Skills Auto Loot Vitality System Unique Community Board Droplist Search Engine Auction System
  9. Grand Opening is in 6h, we wait for you!
  10. StarisReborn - Beta Grand Opening 29.05.2018, 18:00 GTM+2 Gracia Final 10x Rates Exp:10x Sp:10x Adena:10x Drop:10x Spoil:10x Quest Reward:4X Quest Drop:4X Raid drop:10x Party exp:1.6x Enchant rate:65% Blessed enchant rate:75% Features Lottery, with rewards from 2.000.000 adena for one number Fortress working: (20-50) Knight's Epaulette at drop. Geodata Mana Potion: 300 mp, reuse: 5 sec. Npc Buffer with Basic buffs,Dances/Songs and 3rd Buffs (no resists, cat, malaria, dwarf) Gmshop up to B grade Change class withouth quest Subclass with quest(
  11. Nice server, sadly, is full of bots, ~80% of players who farm are bots, and jail time is 60 min, no ban no nothing, jail 60 min, then you can go back at farm. Yes it have 2-3k online, but mostly are shops and bots, real players? arround 300-400 max.